Lawrence County Firefighters Association
Lawrence County Firefighters Association
January 16, 2007
Marion Fire Barn

Meeting was opened with the Pledge of Allegiance and a Moment of Silence. Minutes of the meeting held November 28th were read and approved.

Sheriff Sam Craig was in attendance. He did want to make us aware of several changes that were being made at the Sheriff’s department. As of February 1st the shifts would be changing. There were also some personnel changes in dispatch that were going into effect the week of 1/16. He requests if we have an issue dispatch to please note the time and date of the incident and contact him. If informed of our meeting schedule he intends to either attend or send a representative from his office. If we have any issues please don’t wait until the County Wide meeting, please let him know immediately so the problem can be addressed.

At this point Jimmy Zeeks did say that he felt that officers on scene of a 10-50 should not be allowed to Signal 9 the ambulance, but allow EMS to continue to the scene. Jim McFarland also explained that SOR’s were needed to release the responding department, as well as the county, from liability. It was suggested that the ambulance continue to the scene, but Non-Signal 10 for PD or Minor PI. Sam said he was planning a captain’s meeting with his officers and would look at the copy of the county response agreement prior to that meeting and discuss our concern with his officers then. He also had a meeting scheduled with Jack Stigal of the Bedford Fire Department and would discuss VFD being able to Signal 9 Extrication.

Valerie said the full-scale training exercise was still coming up. 40 question questionnaires were ready to send out. She did go through and simplify some of the instructions to make it easier to answer. These questionnaires are part of the requirements for the departments to receive the lap top computers, so they do need to be filled out and returned.

No news from the LEPC other then they are still pushing for more Haz-Mat training.

We have been informed that Jack Voigtschild will no longer be associated with Assist One. According to a letter sent out by Major Debora Wilson of the Salvation Army the canteen will only respond to second alarm fires and natural disasters such as tornados, floods and earthquakes or when requested. According to Valerie assistance would have to be requested from the Salvation Army at the state level, who would then contact the local office to assist. A copy of that letter (available here) is attached along with provided contact information. Valerie said she does have other resources available.

Due to the circumstances surrounding Jack’s sudden “retirement” Danny Gillespie suggested that the County Wide Association bypass the use of the Salvation Army and sponsor Jack for our own canteen system. Valerie said she would discuss this with Jack and see if he would be interested in being part of this.

Several of us have received an e-mail from Val the week of this meeting saying that Steve Nolan has spoken to Jack about this matter. Jack says he is working on a couple of options for providing food and drinks for us. At this time Val requests that if we are in need of these services to request dispatch contact either Jack or herself they will make sure we’re taken care of. But at this time please do not ask for the Salvation Army or they will have to call the Major and she will decide whether or not to bring the canteen. Jack will let us know more as his options become available. **

800MHz radios were distributed this month and the radio test seems to have been successful.

District 8 meeting was held at the Dunn Education Center 12/8. The next meeting was to be held 1/16 (the third Tuesday of each month) In an attempt to make it possible for members to attend the County Wide meetings will now be held at 7 pm on the 4th Tuesday of each month, starting in February. The meeting site will rotate to allow each department to host a meeting. The schedule is as follows:

February 27th - Shawswick
March 27th - Indian Creek
April 24th - Oolitic
May 22nd - Pleasant Run
June 26th - Huron
July 24th - Mitchell
August 28th - Guthrie
September 25th - Perry
October 23rd - Marshall
November 27th - Williams
December - No meeting will be held in December unless needed.
If there is a problem with your department hosting on the date listed please let me know and we will make alternant arrangements for that month.

The week of March 19th the Times Mail will be running a week of articles about the Fire Departments in the county. Each department is supposed to be contacted by Diana Wires.

The Avoca Baptist Church has donated a house to the county for training. This house can be smoked up and torn apart, but not burned. Steve was placed in charge of this by the church. Once training exercises are complete the house will then be torn down. This is scheduled for Saturday and Sunday, March 10th and 11th. RIT and SCBA training have been suggested and Steve requested Richie Padgett coordinate the training, possibly with Danny and Paul Gillespie assisting. This will be around the same time that the Times Mail will be running their articles and we might suggest they cover this as part of that. Valerie said she can bring the EMA’s camper. Food will be provided during the training.

Oolitic is putting on Mandatory training starting sometime in mid-February. This will cover Haz-Mat Awareness and Operations, CPR& SIDS. Any department needing to send someone through can contact Danny Gillespie for further information.

Val also mentioned the SEMA / Indiana DHS grants, which are funded by the safety license plates are available for up to $4000 as well as the CDEP grants if there were any departments in need of equipment. Departments do need to be NIMS compliant to qualify for the C-DEP grants.

Wildland Fire Fighting training will be offered by the DNR and Ellettsville Fire Department at Ellettsville on March 31st, from 8am to 5 pm. A refresher course for those who have already taken the 8 hour training, but anyone who wants to attend is welcome. The class will be offered 3 times in February; 7pm on February 7th, and at 1 pm on February 8th and 9th.

There was not enough interest in the EMT-B class and it has been canceled. Jim McFarland did say that a First Responder class is planned to start on or around April 2nd and will be over in early May. Anyone who is interested should contact Carla McCain or Rodney Taylor at Dunn for further details.

Carla McCain 276-1055
Rodney Taylor 276-1056