Financial Report:
Checking: $2,992.54
Saving: $5.25
Cash on Hands: $161.50

November 24th $123.80 was paid to Gillespies 1st Place Trophies for the 2014 golf scramble trophies.
December 1st $224.58 was paid to K-Mart Bedford for 5 golf bags, 4 drivers and 1 putter for the 2015 golf scramble.

Pledge of Allegiance was led by Dave Daulton.
Prayer was led by Bob Brown

Guest was Rod Pressel, Sales Manager for Hoosier Fire Equipment Inc. rpressel@hoosierfire.com, Cell (317)771-0142.

Valerie Luchauer - EMA:

1. Discussed going digital with Kenwood radios.
2. She needs our numbers on VFD personnel and apparatus from each department.
Kammi Kern - IU Health:
1. Discussed an EMS run with Shawswick VFD on a cardiac arrest and how everyone worked together and did a great job.
Josh Davis - Seals Ambulance:
1. Discussed the big push to get their communications up and going.
Steve Nolan:
1. Discussed needing information on who had to quit volunteering on a fire department because of House Bill to send to state representative.
2. Discussed the IVFA Convention is being held at the Horseshoe June 10-13. http://www.ivfa.org/annualConvention.asp. Steve is running for Public Relations for the IVFA.
3. Discussed needing a candidate for the Global Award- one in each district - Feb. 1 deadline.
4. Announced the new District 17B 2015 Miss Flame is Taylor McGlocklin.
Bob Brown:
1. Discussed the Strategy & Tactics class coming up. It will be a 40-hour class and it will be scenario based.
2. Discussed that this spring will have another mobile water supply class.
3. Discussed that golf scramble will on August 15th this year and each VFD will need to make 1 dessert for the golf scramble.
4. Discussed that we should have a $25.00 gift card drawing for members who attend meetings.
5. Bob made motion to buy the $25.00 gift cards for each meeting’s drawings, Darren Godsey 2nd the motion, all were in favor for buying the $25.00 gift cards.
Max Peters:
1. Announced Perry Township was recognized by IU Health Bloomington for STEMI Heroes for their work on a cardiac arrest patient on 12/27/14.
Josh Davis - Seals Ambulance:
1. Discussed they cannot trade out O2 bottles yet, but Air Gas will trade out D-size O2 bottles if you can prove you are with a VFD.
2. Josh had mouse pads to hand out at the end of meeting.
Kammi Kern - IU Health:
1. Discussed they can trade out O2 bottles on scene.
Meeting was adjourned at 19:42.

50/50 Steve Nolan won $18.00 and to $18.00 to LCFFA.
Greg May won the knife sharpener.
Levi Keith won the flash light.
Monty Wright won the Knife.
Steve Nolan won the T-shirt.