Lawrence County Firefighters Association
February 24, 2009
Marion VFD

Meeting was opened with the Pledge of Allegiance and a moment of silence.
Minutes to the last meeting, held November 25, 2009, were read and approved. The January meeting was canceled due to bad weather.

Financial Report for 11/25/08:
Available Checking: $478.21
Available Savings: $312.15
Cash on hand: $84.40
Total Funds: $874.76

Air Evac

Brandon Robertson from Air Evac wanted to remind departments that LZ information is needed as soon as possible. If you have already submitted landing zone information, thank you. If you have not, please forward that information as soon as possible. If you have questions about the acceptability of a site please contact Brandon and he’ll be glad to meet with you and look at the possible sites. LZ information is still needed for Marshall, Indian Creek, Guthrie, Huron, and additional sites for Marion are requested. Please contact Brandon at 583-9075 or

Air Evac conducted a class at the Dunn Educational Room on March 5-6. This was a certification class in Pre Hospital Trauma Life Support. This class provided classroom and practical skills and provided a 4 year, nationally recognized certification. (A notice was sent out 2/27/09). Brandon said this class or other similar classes can be put on by request of any agency at any time and said AE would be more than happy to repeat this class as a weekend session for Fire Departments if there is enough interest. There was a $30 fee; $15 going to AE to offset the cost of the class & $15 for NAEMT membership required to process the certification.

A bill has been purposed that would allow the state to be able to regulate the number of EMS Helicopter Services. This is a Federal, Legislative move and could possibly do away with services such as Air Evac, that aren’t directly affiliated with a single hospital. If this bill passes it would likely return to air services out of Indy and Louisville for our region. If any more information is made available on how we can help prevent this from happening I will forward it as soon as it’s received.


Now that Tim Deckard has moved to IVFA President, Luke Kluender is now our District 17B Chair. The last meeting was held at Ellettsville. Luke said he’d like to set up a schedule for the year so meetings could be announced well in advance but meetings need to be held when something is going on, which is sometimes fairly frequent. He’d like to have the next meeting (possibly) at Indian Creek and will pass along that information once a meeting has been set.

Luke would also like to start an IVFA phone ‘tree’ to be used for urgent notifications, such as Bill 512 concerning Township Trustees. This would have been useful to get our onions to the law makers before the vote took place. A list was passed around during the meeting to sign up. If you’d like to be added please give your contact information to Luke.

Bill 512-Township Trustee issue: Tim Deckard had just come from the vote with this to report:

This bill, if passed as originally written, would have done away with township trustees and created one county office to manage county issues. This would have also done away with township government as we know it and would have created a single county fire service. (1 Department, 1 Chief, with multiple districts) The bill was gutted and rewritten at the February 24th vote. At this time the Trustees would stay, but the township advisory committees would go. (No more ‘family’ appointments to paid positions and offices.) An issue has also been made about the amount of surplus money being held by the trustees and some of this money will probably need to be distributed and spent before tax moneys are granted again. The vote passed with a vote of 28 to 22 and will now go to the house for another vote. We should contact our legislators with how we feel about this. In our area this would possibly be Eric Cook and Sandy Blanton. I’d like to get more information on this from Tim for the next meeting.

Also from Tim:

There was an issue about First Responder’s right to vote. At one location two First Responders had already signed in to vote when they were toned out. Once they returned to the pole they were denied their right to vote. This is addressed in part of another bill stating if a FF/First Responder has to leave their polling place for an emergency response they will be allowed to vote if the present a run sheet or report showing they left on a legitimate call.

Existing Workers Comp Law Departments must have workers comp insurance and currently the minimum weekly allotment on WC is $250 a week, which is approximately $6.25 an hour. This is the minimum required, but departments can have this set at more. It’s suggested that this be brought up to at least an amount equal to minimum wage. The trustees might have to be the ones to raise this amount. Tim has been asked to be part of a committee with the DHS to create a Fire Chief’s Handbook. Tim would like to have input from the county chiefs on this project.

Firehouse Reporting Update

Classes will be held for the new Firehouse Software on line reporting. Seating is limited and each department is allowed to send only 3 members to the training. Seating is limited so early arrival is suggested unless you want to stand. (Notices were sent February 27th and March 17th). Use of the new on line system would prevent yearly upgrades and subscription costs.

Don’t forget to send in your forms for IVFA license plates. Part of the money goes for the Bridgeport Scholarships. The application form is in your IVFA paper each month. IVFA Convention

Follow the link above to find out more details on the 2009 IVFA convention. This year it will be June 17-20 at the Holiday Inn North in Indianapolis. Prices go up after May 31st so register now.

Sam Craig

Sam was at the 3rd House Session the Saturday prior to this meeting (Feb 21st) with the Indiana Sheriffs Association. If a bill before the house goes through the tax payers will be paying for more medical care for inmates. If someone gets in a fight and needs stitches, then gets arrested, then the county will have to pay for the stitches. I’d like to find out from Sam the status of this before the next meeting.

Sam would also like a breakdown of the 2008 run volume from each department. Please divide this into Fire and Medical. (10-50 PI should be counted as one or the other, but not both. Should probably place this in the Medical category.) If you haven’t already forwarded this to Carol, please do so as soon as possible. Please forward any roster changes along with the run volume to Carol. Sam is also waiting on a county roster revised for 2009.

800 radio system.

The county is waiting for information from Mitchell before proceeding with any more work on updating dispatch for the county. A different console set up would be needed if Mitchell was being dispatched through the county so this won’t be happening until a decision is made. Sam couldn’t comment if the new radio system would be encrypted. We need to be able to hear some traffic from 47 units just for responder safety. He isn’t sure yet, but agrees it may cause issues.

District 8

Survival Trailer is scheduled to be here April 4 & 5. The training will be from 8 am to 5 pm. This is a National Fire Association Standard and those who will be taking this training will not be allowed to have facial hair. (Beards and goatees will need to be shaved prior to training). You have to attend both days for classroom and practical. You will need to bring full gear, SCBA and spare bottle.

Flow Testing

Luke brought up needing to set up flow testing again this spring. If anyone is interested in pump flow testing it can be set up somewhere in the area and costs can be split between the various departments. Please discuss this at your department.

RIT Packs

What departments have RIT packs? We need to find out who all has RIT packs and perhaps have RIT training at one of the county wide meetings.

Training Tower

The Training Tower in Bedford is now complete and ready for use. Adam Flynn is the point of contact for its use. It can be used by anyone in District 8 but you must have a minimum number of certified instructors present for use. Contact Adam for more information.

If anyone is interested in becoming an instructor for District 8 all you have to do is fill out an application and present it for District 8 approval. Go to the District 8 website for details and application. (Certified instructors are paid at a rate of $25 through D8)

First Responder Class

A First Responder class is being put on at Dunn. Deadline for applying is April 1. Packets can be picked up at Dunn Ambulance. If the ambulance doors are locked just knock and someone will come answer. The class starts April 18 and will end June 20. Cost is $225 per student.

There was a train the trainer class in December to cover new EMS requirements:

New requirements for Autism Awareness for both First Responder and EMT. The certification tests are now going to include a module on Autism and there will be required yearly training. Could possibly see about having this as one of the County Wide training sessions.

Smart Triage

Also new requirements for Triage. (Smart Triage) (I still need to get more details on these requirements and will pass them along.)

Tim Deckard also pointed out there is another bill in process that would prevent First Responders from using a c-collar and backboard or do any long bone splinting. There is also a push for using national registry testing rather than being certified by a state test for only what is allowed in that state’s scope of practice. First Responders would have a different name. The National Scope of Practice also wants to remove the ability for EMTs to use a Combi-Tube.

The Indiana Department of Homeland Security in conjunction with Innovative Emergency Management and funding from the Central United States Earthquake Consortium will be providing Lawrence County and surrounding counties with the opportunity to create a local earthquake response plan. This workshop was held March 4th to put together Lawrence County’s Earthquake response plan. (Notice from Val was forwarded Feb 12) The final plan packet will be forwarded by Val when completed.

Steve Nolan had an e-mail from Robert Stump about new Meth Lab processes being discovered. We’d like to have a speaker come to the county wide meeting to fill us in on what is going on. Steve will look into getting this set up for the April meeting.

Shawswick had gas pipeline training March 2nd and invited the rest of the county to attend. (Notice was sent out 2/27)

Bob Brown asked Tim Deckard if he thought there would be interest from the Monroe County firefighters in having a golf scramble with Lawrence County as a LCFFA fundraiser.

Fundraiser ideas are needed for the County Wide Association to be able to generate enough funds to cover our insurance costs (due in July) and continue funding for Fire Prevention and other activities. If you have any ideas please share them either through an e-mail or at the next meeting.

50/50 drawing winner-Steve Nolan. $44 total, $22 for the county wide, $22 for Steve.

Next meeting is to be Tuesday March 24th at Perry Township