Lawrence County Firefighter's Assoctiation County-Wide Meeting
Williams VFD

Meeting called to order.
Pledge of Allegiance led by L.D. Martin.
Prayer led by Bob Brown.
Minutes of last meeting read and approved.
Financial report read and approved.

Sheriff Sam Craig, Lawrence County Sheriff Department
-Said that he would be having a part-time dispatcher position opening, and it may possibly become a full-time position.

Carla McCain, Rural Metro Ambulance Service
-Said that it looks like Rural Metro dispatch moving to IU Health might not go through.

Valerie Lucharer, Lawrence County Emergency Management Agency
-Advised the District 8's mobile live fire training trailer will be in Lawrence County at the County Complex until the end of March. There will be a train-the-trainer for the trailer this Saturday at 9:00AM. She also advised that we need to get our new department rosters to the Sheriff's department.

Jack Zeeks, IVFA Past President
-Has 2013 IVFA Convention coins for sale for $15.

Steve Nolan, LCFA Chairman
-Advised updated information about Indiana Senate Bill #321 (Nepotism). Also, there will be a FF I/II class being held in Jackson Township. This class will be using the new modularization format.

Bob Brown, LCFA Co-Chairman
-Advised that we are looking to have the golf scramble on August 24.

Jason Lewis, LCFA Events Committee Chairman
-The Committee is looking to see when the EMS Week is to possibly see about doing something with that. The other events that they are looking into are the 4-H Fair, Fire Prevention, Safe Night, and Halloween.

The next IVFA District 17B meeting will be March 13 at Nashville Fire Department in Brown County. There will be food served at 6:30PM with the meeting beginning at 7:00PM.

On March 18 the Board of Firefighter Pesonnel Standards and Education will be having its next meeting at Wayne Township in Indianapolis. The meeting will start at 6:00PM.

Bob Brown
-We are working at updating our Mutual Aid Response agreement. Also, there will be a Driver/Operator Mobile Water Supply class coming up at Shawsick in April.

L.D. Martin, Indian Creek
-There will be a Firefighter I/II class starting in the first of April at Indian Creek in Lawrence County. Classes will be Tuesdays and Thursdays, 6:00PM-10:00PM, and Saturdays, 9:00AM-5:00PM.

IVFA District 17B Chairman Steve Nolan and Co-Chairman Bob Brown presented Williams VFD with an IVFA clock for their new station.

The next meeting is March 25 at Pleasant Run.

50/50 Drawing,
-$60 total collected
-$30 winner Jack Zeeks, donated to IVFA District 17B Miss Flame
-$30 to Association, donated to IVFA District 17B Miss Flame

Meeting Adjourned.