Lawrence County Firefighters Association
March 27, 2007
Indian Creek

Meeting was opened with the Pledge of Allegiance and a Moment of Silence.
Minutes of the meeting held February 27th were read and approved.

Sam Craig brought signed copies of the SOP concerning terrorism & incidents involving drug scenes.

Should the Sheriff’s department get a call involving fire, explosion, gas cloud, etc. that is believed to be a result of an act of terrorism the appropriate department plus the closest assisting department will be toned. They will be informed of the type of call (Fire, explosion, etc) and it will be classified as a Code Red. Should the Sheriff’s department get a call involving fire or explosion believed to involve drugs or their manufacture the appropriate department will be toned and will be informed of the type of call and it will be classified as a Code Blue. Our departments are to inform Fire Base using the same codes if we identify a scene before the police or assisting departments arrive so they will know what they are walking into.

Sam also requests our patience with dispatch. There are several new dispatchers and they are still training. If you do call into Fire Base the dispatchers are to identify themselves by name and rank. So if we have a problem when we call then we should be able to tell him who we were talking to.

Please make sure if there are multiple departments responding to an incident to please identify themselves by both department and unit number so they know which departments are actually at the scene.

There has also been concern from the Sheriff’s department about officers arriving at a scene and being able to know who is in charge or where to find Incident Command. We pointed out that most, if not all, departments in the county have officers in white helmets.

Early Activation was discussed at the February meeting with Air Evac. Sam said that he had talked to Valerie about this and she said that the hospital would have to make a call on if the helicopter was needed. If information can be passed to the responding ambulance they can make the call. Bob Brown and Jim McFarlin pointed out that we (the responders at the scene) can make the request for a helicopter without waiting for an ambulance to arrive. The main thing discussed being that the Sheriff’s Department can make the request on behalf of the Fire Department, but can’t make the request as the Sheriff’s Department. Val was on vacation at the time of this meeting. Sam and Steve Nolan will get with Val and see what can be worked out with this.

There are still problems with transmissions from dispatch not being clear enough to understand, or not coming though at all in some areas. This isn’t a problem with the dispatchers, it is an equipment issue. Sam will talk to Andy at dispatch to see what can be done.

Darlene Webster attended on Valerie’s behalf. She works with people with disabilities. The county is trying to get these people added to the various emergency plans. Shelters are to be set up to accommodate these people in case they do have to be evacuated. She asked the departments to take maps and show the areas where the special needs people are and if there are special considerations that need to be known. Examples: Do they have home O2, respirators, are they bedridden. Do they have full time caregivers? Darlene asks that we fill out information on the sheet provided with this various information, but no names so HIPPA laws won’t be violated. The county will then know who can be sheltered in their homes if needed, and who will need to be removed to a separate location. This information will be identified by symbols only, no names or addresses, just a mark on the map. I do have these forms and maps for anyone that didn’t pick them up. Val will take them as they are completed.

Scott Products representative Kurt Dittman attended the meeting. He went over some of the changes to the airpaks to meet the new NFPA requirements. These updates could effect FEMA grants for 2007. After August the 2002 paks will no longer be sold, only the 2007. There is a cost difference and this needs to be noted by any department applying for airpaks for the 2007 grant. Upgrade kits for the 2002 pak will be available to bring them up to the 2007 standard but these will not be a kit available for the ’97 paks. Kurt also demonstrated a new device that helps locate firefighters inside of structures. A small unit similar to the old PASS alarm can be clipped onto the firefighter and can be tracked by using a separate hand-held device. Each unit is individually numbered so tracking can be unit specific.

Some areas are still saying the 800 MHz radios aren’t working in their areas, mostly Pleasant Run and Perry. David Vice said a new tower on Trogdon Lane will help this and should be up by sometime around June. The radios will be tested again when this equipment is in place and if it doesn’t solve the problem then more towers will be looked into.

TOPES has been working on getting startup donations. The County Wide Association suggested making a donation of $100. Motion was made by Dale George and seconded by Max Peters. A check was written and given to Jack after the meeting.

Lawrence County had several attend the Leadership Seminar (Formerly the Chief’s seminar) at Vincennes March 31st. Oolitic, Pleasant Run, Shawswick and Huron all had representatives.

We now have a County Wide website ( Minutes of the County Wide meetings, upcoming training and contact information are there now. If anyone has upcoming training, fundraisers, or special news they’d like passed along please let me know and I’ll be glad to include it at our meetings and pass it along to be added to the web site.

I have attached copies of the SOP from the county, a flier for Pleasant Run’s fundraiser.

The next meeting will be April 24th at Oolitic.