Lawrence County Firefighters Association
Lawrence County Firefighters Association
March 25, 2008

Meeting was opened with the Pledge of Allegiance and a prayer.
The minutes of the February meeting were sent out prior to the March meeting and were accepted as sent.
Financial Report from:
Available Checking: $1057.09
Available Savings: $331.89
Cash on hand: $104

Sam Craig was out of town but Tony Seidle attended in his place. Dispatch has improved since the February meeting brought some issues to Samís attention.

Tim Deckard reminded us that there would be an IVFA meeting March 26th at Shawswick. There was a meal prior to the meeting.

Tim brought a petition being circulated by IVFA to block the Board of Standards and Education from changing instructorís requirements. If the Board of Standards & Education gets their way then any instructor who is First Class/Second Class who didnít cross over to FF I & II will no longer be allowed to teach certified classes. Petitions were circulated by e-mail to each department chief. These petitions were to be faxed before the April 14th meeting in Jasper and originals were to be mailed in. The board was trying to take action on this before the convention. Iíll pass along news on this as soon as I hear something.

There was to be a Pandemic Flu tabletop April 3rd and there is a full-scale exercise planned for June 24th.

The 4H Fair will be earlier this year and wonít conflict with the ABATE Boogie, so the ambulance services will be able to provide ample coverage. There was debate over whether to skip the fair and focus on Fire Prevention or if we still wanted to set up. Boomer questioned the expense of one over the other. Steve pointed it out that the expense wasnít the full reason to choose one over the other as much as it does leave some of the smaller departments short of medical coverage.
LD made the motion that we donít set up at the fair and it was seconded by Micah Keith. There was a majority vote to attend the fair. Bob feels its still good public exposure and Danny agreed that we should have someone there. Bob will see if we can get a free site. Danny, Bob & Boomer will make up the Fair Committee.

It was suggested to take the District 8 Training trailers and props to Fire Prevention so the public can see what we can do; this might be a good idea for the fair also.

A thank you letter from TOPES was presented in appreciation for the donation made at the February meeting.

Bob provided a District 8 update.
Laptops, projectors a trailer and part of the training props are ready. There are also 2 trailers for HazMat will be ready for training.
Possible training to be offered this year: AugustóFF I & II (Tim)
Strategy & Tactics possibly combined with Fire Officer I (Lawrence County)
There might be 1 or 2 more classes spread over the year, possibly another mandatory or FF I & II class.
In January there is the possibility of an Instructor 1 or 2&3 class.

Books and training will be free if requested through District 8. The survival trailer along with obstacles is now at Bedford FD. Mike Cornman from the Ellettsville FD will set this up. Itís been patterned after training used in Kentucky and is pretty unique. During this you will go in with a pack on, have to take it off to get through an area and then pack back up. Window bales and such are included. Instructors are still encouraged to sign up to teach with the district. $20 an hour for Instructor I and $25 for Instructor 2 & 3.

Kada Crane from Bloomington will represent District 17B in the Miss Flame competition at the convention.

Chad Mills (DNR) would like to attend the Chiefís meeting. Jim McFarlan said he would arrange to let him know about the next meeting.

Disaster drills have to involve a chemical spill of some kind. Danny pointed out that this all had to be verbalized. He suggested something that would involve more hands-on training. A mass causality; possibly a tornado or other natural disaster incident. This has been discussed in LEPC meetings, possibly for this summer.

Helmet band: Jimmie Zeeks
T-Shirt: SORRY! I didnít get a name for this one!
50/50: Steve Nolan ($30 for LCFF, $30 for Steve)

The April 22nd meeting will be held at Marshall Township.
There will be a Chiefís meeting at 6:15 with the regular business meeting starting at 7.

If anyone has any news to include (training to share, fundraisers, etc.) please let me know so I can pass them along to the rest of the county.