Lawrence County Firefighters Association
March 24, 2009
Perry VFD

Meeting was opened with the Pledge of Allegiance and a moment of silence.
Minutes to the last meeting, held at Marion VFD in February, were read and approved.

Financial Report for March 2009:
Available Checking: $453.21
Available Savings: $312.15
Cash on hand: $84.40
Total Funds: $849.76

Requests were made to distribute Adam Flynn’s contact information for District 8 Training. Please contact Adam to coordinate District 8 Training or the use of District 8 Training equipment or the new District Training Tower located in Bedford.

Adam Flynn, (812)583-0518, or call Bedford Fire Tuesday, Thursday or every 3rd Saturday.

Lona Huffman asked to speak at the meeting about a matter that was brought to her attention. At a recent training session there was a department present that made complaints about the way their recent storm damage claim was being handled by the insurance company Lona represents. There was water damage to furniture, equipment, and some (reparable) damage to the facility.

Payments were made to replace the furniture and equipment, but the department wanted a new building rather than making repairs to the existing facility. After several failed attempts to justify replacement, and the department refusing a settlement from McNeil, the case is now in litigation. Lona wanted it to be known this was not one of her customers, and the agents carrying that department have not been associated with her in quite some time. She did want us to know what was going on in case rumors were heard and to let us know she was not involved.

District 8
Adam Flynn

Adam reported that District 8 wasn’t running well during the first year but he’s received instructions from the State on how this is to be done. He now reports things are up and going. He has submitted a budget and does see the State making some cuts, but this was expected and adjustments were made prior to submitting.

Survival Trailer
April 4 & 5. Class room sessions as well as practical training. (E-mail notices were sent) To view the State training calendar go to

Already planned for next year’s budget:
Instructor I, II & III
Fire Officer I, II & III
Strategy and Tactics
Firefighter Survival

So far Lawrence County has been the most active in District 8 Training. Contacts are needed for Orange and Washington Counties so they can become more involved.

Training trailers, hazmat trailers, training tower in Murray Park:
Train the Trainer planned in April.
Train the Trainer also planned in May to learn what paperwork is necessary and how to fill it out for use of the tower and the trailer and about the functions of the tower.
May—Will do live fire training so each department can have someone trained to use the tower.
Don’t forget; it is free to use a District 8 instructor for training. Anyone currently wanting to use the trailer or tower should contact Adam Flynn.

District 8 Trailers can be used by departments without using a District 8 Instructor, but there is a lot of paperwork involved. Just call Adam and he’ll deliver it to you. If he’s out of town you’ll have to fill out the paperwork to be able to take the trailer. (Proof of insurance, driver’s license) There is a roof simulator, Entanglement Drill, Wall Breach, Roof Truss Simulator. There is extra plywood and drywall included. The HazMat trailer should be ready by mid-summer.

You can view scheduled training or sign up for training at:

Bob Brown reminded everyone about the First Responder class planned at Dunn. Packets were due to be returned by April 1st and could be picked up at the Dunn ambulance dispatch office. If there aren’t enough people interested the class was going to be canceled.

Bob and Adam said Firefighter I & II has a new test coming out in July and the books are now twice as thick as the last edition and includes a workbook. But now the books contain everything needed to train for and pass the test instead of having to refer to several books for all the information. This should make training (and learning) easier.

Firehouse reporting is now available on line. At the time of this meeting there was one training session remaining at West Baden. Hopefully each department had a chance to send someone.

Steve couldn’t get a hold of the person who was going to put on a Meth Lab awareness training session but will try to get this set up.

Clayton Kinder, State Fire Investigator, would like to give a class and has been forwarded our meeting calendar for the remainder of the year. He’d like for us all to know what to expect, and what is expected from us, when a Fire Inspector is called.

It was also pointed out with the rising number of vacant houses in the area there will probably be an increase in the number of 10-70 calls to these addresses. It wouldn’t hurt to get an idea of where these are in your area.

Sam Craig asked the commissioners for a countywide burn ban but it was declined. They said it would take a countywide ordinance before they would do anything. (There were some people at the meeting that thought we have this and have had since 2007 but I was unable to find anything in the paperwork I have showing this). Apparently it takes five Fire Chiefs to request it before they’ll consider making a change.

FDIC was to be held April 20-25 in Indianapolis.

IVFA Convention will be June 17th-20th. Follow the link below to see details for the 2009 convention. Go to the section marked ‘Annual Convention’.

A general announcement was made to inform us Tim Deckard is no longer the chief if Van Buren Township FD, the assistant chief has also changed. He said there were no hard feelings surrounding this, it was just time for a change and he was back on shift.


The subject of repeaters has been brought up at several meetings. Some departments have wondered why Perry Township’s messages are repeating again, they haven’t always done this. Max Peters says Perry Township requires a repeater or they have no radio system. What they have is a message repeater. Announcements need to be made right after the initial tones, and not after the repeated tones, or they don’t receive the transmission. Repeaters in the county won’t function after 2010 anyway. Everything will be going from county band to narrow band. Departments with their own repeater systems will need to start thinking about replacement systems. It’s estimated these systems will cost around $11,000-$12,000. This might end up becoming a grant situation.

FEMA Grant

The link above will take you to the AFG application site. At the time of the March meeting it was believed the Aid for Firefighters Grant wouldn’t be open until mid-June. The grant application period is now open and runs through May 20th at 5 pm. If your department is planning to apply please make sure to re-read the FAQ and the 2009 Guidelines posted on the FEMA site. There are some changes that were made after the grant workshops but before the grant period that you’ll want to review before you write your grant.

Val’s Radio Grant

Val wasn’t at the March meeting but I have talked to her about the radio grant she’s applied for. She said it did have to be scaled back some, and we won’t be getting everything we originally asked for, but something is better than nothing. She should hear something in September.


We were told to watch Bill 512 as it passed through. This is the bill that will decide if counties will retain the current Trustee system or if counties will go to one person. It’s starting to look like trustees will stay in place.

50/50 drawing won by Standly Wright. $51 total, $22.50 for Standly, $22.50 for the County Wide.

If any departments have fundraisers or training to announce please let me know and I’ll pass that long to the rest of the county.

Also, the County Wide Association will need to raise funds to continue with our insurance coverage and be able to support our Fire Prevention carnival in the fall. If anyone has ideas please let us know.

April County Wide Meeting will be held at Indian Creek FD on Tuesday, April 28th. They will be cooking out and food will be served at 6:30.