Lawrence County Firefighters Association
March 22, 2010
Marshall Township Fire Station

Meeting was opened with the Pledge of Allegiance and prayer.
A motion was made to accept the minutes of the last meeting, held at Marion Township FD in February. Motion was seconded and passed; minutes were accepted as sent.

Financial Report for March 2010:
Check rec'd from Golf Scramble $50.00
Available Checking: $1508.95
Available Savings: $313.10
Cash on hand: $234.00
Total Funds: $2106.05

A motion was made to accept the financial report and corrections. Motion was seconded and passed.

Sam Craig-
Dispatch seems to be working well now. The 800 MHz standalone system is going to be too expensive. Bedford has already gone to a digital system so it looks like the County won't be able to do this on its own. They are going to try to go to the 800 MHz system full time and work on a back up plan in case of a failure. Sam is trying to get Val to find out how many times the 800 system has been down for maintenance since it's launch so he'll have some stats to present to the commissioners if money is needed to get a backup system. Sam is still looking into various options.

Mike Pennington brought up 2 separate 10-50 PIs where the FD couldn't get close enough to the wreck scene because of police cars. The cars were pulled up right by the wrecked vehicles. Sam said he would look into this and see what was going on and if the officers had a good reason for being that close to the vehicles. Mike did say the cars were moved when the officers were asked, but that causes FD delays in patient treatment. Sam will talk to his officers about this.

Compliments were given to Sam on how well Ronnie Blackburn did his job the day of the big field fire in Marion Township. He was able to keep up on dispatching when all Lawrence County departments were dispatched plus two from outside our county. He did this all at once and did a good job of it. Sam said he'd make it a point of passing these compliments to Ronnie.

Marion Township--
Jason Zeeks and Kyle Mundy thanked all departments and TOPES for thier assistance with the field fire March19th. There were 10 departments and 17 apparatus working at the scene and it was estimated to be cover over 150 acres.

A Chiefs' Meeting is to be held at Shawswick Station 1 on Sunny Acres Drive on Wednesday, April 7th starting at 630 to discuss updates to the current Mutual Aid/County Wide Response Agreement. All Chiefs were asked to attend or send another line officer if possible.

Golf Scramble
The Second Annual LCFA Golf Scramble is scheduled for Saturday, August 28th. If anyone would like to help please let Bob know, we are going to need help. The first golf scramble was basically handled by 3 people and more people helping would make it a much easier project to complete. This year we'd like to change how prizes are awarded so everyone playing has a chance to win rather then just the high scoring team. We'd like to see at least one team from each department. Sponsor and donation letters will go out before the end of April.

District 8 Firefighter Survival Class--
This was held in March and 5 departments participated. LD attended this training and said the instructors were good and as far as training goes, this is the best he has attended in 20 years. He highly recommends it to anyone who has the opportunity to take it next time it's offered. Mike Cornman was the main instructor and currently has another class scheduled for either May or June in Jackson County. Please go to the fire training site to see classes being offered.

Max Peters pointed out there are only 3 places in Perry Township where they can pick up traffic with the 800 MHz radios and there is no real cell service in that area either, so the 800 system isn't a really good option for them. Bob advised him to speak with Les from Motorola about the problem.

Chad Hayes said Marshall Township would be selling some surplus items. There were some nomex hoods, gloves and other such items that have never been used. He'll be passing along a list of items to me, and I'll forward the list when received. Marshall Township is also going to be selling candles and other crafted items to benefit Relay for Life. Information will be forwarded to the county as soon as I receive it.

Boomer sold peanut butter Easter eggs to benefit TOPES at the end of the meeting. The eggs were made by members of his Church and the proceeds were going to replenish supplies for TOPES.

50/50 drawing total was $72. $36 went into the County Wide fund; $36 was won by Jack Voigtschild. He donated his winnings to TOPES. Lona - Hat
Bill Norman - t-shirt & flash light
Sheldon Kinser - t-shirt
Bob Brown - flash light
Sam Bell - Hat

Next meeting will be held at Indian Creek on April 26th.

Upcoming events:
Huron will be having their first all you can eat Spaghetti Supper on Saturday, April 17th. Dinners are valued at $5 for adults and $3 for children 4-10. Children 3 and under eat for free. Meal will include spaghetti and meatballs, bread, drink and dessert. There will be a 50/50 cash drawing at the end of the night. You don't have to be present to win, winner will be notified after the drawing. Doors open at 3 and food will be served until 7 pm or when the food runs out. (whichever comes first)

If any departments have fundraisers before the next meeting please let me know and I'll forward a notice to the county.