Lawrence County Firefighters Association
April 24, 2007

Meeting was opened with the Pledge of Allegiance and a Moment of Silence.

Minutes of the meeting held March 27th and the financial report were read and approved.

We received a thank you letter for the county wide’s donation made at the March meeting and it is attached to the end of the minutes.

Air Evac has approached the Sheriff’s department about installing a direct line in dispatch. This would mean when requested by a Fire Department or EMS dispatch would only have to pick up that line for a direct dispatch to Air Evac dispatch. Bob Brown will look into more details on this. (who would pay to maintain the line) Sam Craig is considering this but needs more details before he can make a decision.

It was also clarified that Fire Departments and EMS could request dispatch call for Air Evac, but that dispatch couldn’t automatically dispatch them along with VFD & Ambulance. The new question is now if we request an air lift and the ambulance arrives who and how is it decided which to use, ambulance or helicopter? For now we (FD/EMS) are released of liability once the ambulance arrives. If they decide to transport by ambulance rather then by air make sure to document this by adding to your report narrative and have the ambulance sign off that they took the patient and released the helicopter.

Val asked again for our help with the Persons with Disabilities maps for the special needs evacuation plan. She said we only need to add the symbols from the paper supplied. These will be added to the next county map and only those working with EMS or EMA will know what these symbols mean. (I still have more of the maps and papers with the symbols if anyone still needs them)

Fair week is coming up July 15th thru the 21st. There will be some changes to the fair this year that might affect the days and times that EMS will be needed and we’ll find out more details on this prior to fair week. Max Peters will check into the cost of a booth this year. Bob Brown suggests EMS be moved away from the barn area where we were located last year and move closer to where the ambulance and county units are staged. Where we’d be out in the open and more easily seen. Bob Brown will check with someone at Root’s and see if they’d be willing to loan a trailer again this year for a First Aid station. No 4 wheelers or carts will be allowed at the fairgrounds this year with the exception of the Sheriff’s department 4 wheelers. Sam Craig agreed to let us borrow one from the county to be used for EMS during the fair.

Medical supplies left over from last year are stored at Oolitic.

Val suggested we talk to the Sheriff about one of the old ambulances parked there. This could possibly be donated to the County Wide Association and converted to a combination mobile first aid station. This could also possibly be used by Assist One. Sam seems to think the batteries may just be bad, but if the motor is bad Max suggests requesting a donated motor from Cummins. Val said if it could be acquired that it could be parked at the county complex. This would provide it a central location that would be easily accessible if needed.

Sam will look into this and get back with us once he finds something out.

The Boogie is the same week as the fair again this year so the EMA trailer will be there. Val says there will be more planning meetings starting in June to get organized.

Meetings are trying to be arranged for a Tornado Task Force. Val is looking into some grants to try to get sirens into the rural areas of the county.

Danny Gillespie would like to look into Urban Search and Rescue training. This is the type of search team that would respond to situations like the tornados that hit Evansville last year. USAR could possibly work with the Tornado Task Force once each is formally created and USAR training can be arranged. Danny was going to contact the Labor Training Institute and see if this type of training is available there. Val said she could bring in someone from Evansville to talk about what would be needed. This will be discussed further at the May meeting.

Danny also brought up promoting health & fitness by having a Public Safety Firefighter Fitness Day next year. Something similar to the Firefighter Challenge.

The laptops are ready! Once they are distributed the mapping program can be moved from the desk top PCs to the laptops. Val will explain this as they are distributed.

Per an e-mail from Valerie:

"Jason Lewis has attended the NIMS 300 and 400 ‘train the trainer’ class and will be teaching this class starting August 2nd from 6-10 at the Dunn Training room. This class will continue on Mondays and Thursdays the 6th, 9th, 13th, and 16th. The class will be paid for by the county EMA and Lawrence County responders will get first preference. Register by e-mailing or leaving a voice mail for Val. She’ll send you confirmation of your spot in the class. Another class will be held in Monroe County this fall and it will be open to the district."
The next meeting will be held April 22nd at Pleasant Run.