Lawrence County Firefighters Association
Lawrence County Firefighters Association
April 22, 2008

Meeting was opened with the Pledge of Allegiance and a prayer.
The minutes of the February meeting were sent out prior to the March meeting.
One correction: Bob Brown will not be part of the 4H Fair Committee, but was going to check with his contact to see if a free site could be obtained. This correction has been noted and the remainder of the minutes were accepted as submitted.

Financial Report:
Available Checking: $1057.09
Available Savings: $331.89
Cash on hand: $118.50

There was a Grant Seekers luncheon provided by the Lawrence County Community Foundation. Their grant period for this year will be from April 22 to June 4th. Anyone interested in applying for this grant can obtain a packet from the Lawrence County Community Foundation building on 15th Street in Bedford. Applicants must be classified as 501-3C per federal guidelines. Steve said this is a good way to get EMS items, the foundation looks for projects that are community focused. AEDs and EMS Training DVD’s were examples.

Pandemic Flu Table Top was held April 3rd. Val said it went well but found out the State has changed their program for treatment. Meds won’t be given to those who are still well (EMS, 1st Responders) they will be given only to those who are already sick. (Treat instead of prevent) Val was to have a ‘drill’ on April 30th to see how quickly people can be processed to receive meds. This was to be held at the BNL Gym.

Cameo Training
This was a good course. 40 hours of training was compressed into a 4 hour session to help familiarize people with terms and phrases. More training is planned toward the end of the summer.

Bloomington Fire School was offering training that was to run through May. Contact for this was to be Robert Stump at Bloomington or refer to the IFIA site for information. Several courses were being offered. This was not free training, prices were available at IFIA.

Earthquake Training is set for May 20-21 at Bedford. An RSVP was required. Contact Val if more information is needed.

Val handed out info—NIMS Cast—Packets for each department. These packets need to be filled out and need to be returned to Val. She will enter this in for everyone, but she needs each department to get these back to her. Information on how to complete the form is on the form.

NIMS 300 will be offered May 28-30, from 5 pm to 10 pm. The May 31 class will be held starting at 8 am and will continue until complete. Val doesn’t see this being past noon (but makes no promises!). Officers are required to have NIMS 300 and it is suggested that anyone who might be in charge at the scene also take this. Materials will be furnished and can be used for the test.

NIMS 400 will be offered June 11-13 from 5 pm to 10 pm nightly, but Val thinks Friday night won’t last the full allotted time.

Both training sessions are free but you do need to register with Val as soon as possible so she knows where she will need to have the classes.

There will also be day time classes offered later in the summer for those who are unable to attend evening classes, times and dates will be announced later.

There will be a full exercise, not just table top, August 21st in Mitchell. It should start at either 5 or 6 (time will be announced when I find out for sure) and will be a hands on exercise. It will include triage, deacon, disabled, and mass causality. Marion will be the primary responding department. If anyone is interested they will take volunteers to be victims, Red Cross responders, etc. This exercise could well involve 50-100 people. More details will be announced as Val finds them out.

A bill passed Indiana Legislation requiring central dispatch by 2010. (?) A committee is working together on how to best implement this in Lawrence County. This will combine all dispatch for the county into one centralized location and will also require dispatchers to be certified EMD’s. 911 won’t pay for repeater maintenance (currently approximately $100 a month) after this goes into affect. This isn’t a problem now, but everyone needs to be aware of this.

FYI- Municipal plates are no longer available locally. Departments that need to get new plates or transfer old ones will need to get a form to mail in or will need to go to Indianapolis.

Sam Craig was asked what the law is on burning at this time. Conservation has apparently been writing tickets for some people burning household trash in barrels. Sam wasn’t aware of this. According to a pamphlet (on hand at Marshall Fire Department from Chad Mills -DNR) only clean yard waste can be burned; no open burning of household trash at any time. Recreational burning (BBQ, campfire, bonfire) and also vegetation in un-incorporative areas, habitat preserves and compost is allowed. Burning after dark (other then camp fire or bonfire) is a class D felony.

Bob Brown asked if the notification policy for a controlled burn had changed. He’s had people call to tell him they are planning a burn and said that dispatch had told them to contact the FD instead of the county. Sam said notification should be the same as always; call dispatch and the department will be toned. But he’ll check to see if dispatchers are asking them to call the chief in addition to the usual call to dispatch to make sure.

We will attempt to revise the Code Red/Code Blue Fire Department SOP. Right now the policy really only states that fire or possible explosions that are possibly connected to terrorism or a possible drug activities use the color-code during notification. Toning a department to stand by on station has no method in place to notify the department why they are on alert or a trigger to remind 47-units on scene or dispatch to tell the department to stand down. Sam doesn’t want to use the color coding alerts to have a department on alert in case the questionable location is monitoring scanner traffic. This might be changed to using phone notifications to place departments on alert rather then toning, or even toning to cal firebase.

Each department is asked to submit a current roster with contact information. We’d like to create a master list of contact information for all departments, making sure to mark officers. This will be used by both the County Wide and will also be submitted to the Sheriff’s Department and Val. This will provide contact information in the case phone notification is necessary for some incidents.

Dispatch has been improving, but there are still some things that need work. LD said there was a 10-50 rollover, reported to 47 units as a PD only, in their area recently that Indian Creek wasn’t toned to. People were stopping at the station to tell them about the wreck but nobody had been toned. Indian Creek then called in to ask what was going on and they were told there wasn’t anyone in the vehicle, but to go to the scene to wash down the road. Once they arrived they found out there had been an 8 year old in the car when it rolled. Had they known someone was at the scene that had been in the vehicle, especially a child, they would have rolled with medical equipment instead of just an engine, which is all that was requested. Sam will look into this but stressed to be please call him as soon as possible when something like this happens. Don’t wait for county wide to roll around. He’d like to address these problems as soon as he can with his people.

Sam does ask that any 10-0 scene be treated as a crime scene. The same with scenes where the patient might not make it. Please call LCPD so they can get to the scene to investigate. Make sure to note anything you might have moved or touched. Document EVERYTHING so it won’t affect the investigation. After a recent incident Tony Siedle offered to go to Indian Creek to tell them about this. Sam will look into asking Tony about possibly coming to either the next Chief’s meeting or County Wide meeting to talk to us about this. Would probably take about an hour + Q & A time.

May 3rd there was a Bake Sale and Open House at Indian Creek. Pleasant Run held their annual auction the same day.

IVFA Convention will be June 18-21. The business meeting, election of officers, and other voting will be Friday June 21st. Please try to send representatives to vote if possible. Each department is allotted 3 votes. IVFA will pay mileage for ONE vehicle per department to come to the meeting. (Which means CARPOOL!) Tim Deckard, currently our District 17B representative, is running for IVFA president this year.

Please follow this link for more details. IVFA Follow the “Convention Related” link on the left of the page for more details. Please note if you plan to register for some activities the price does go up after June 1st.

District 8 Training
District 8 Training Council Meeting will be May 20th at Bedford Fire and is open to everyone.

Currently planning:
Strategy and Tactics-November 2008
Instructor I-January 2009

If there are enough people Mandatory Training, FF I & II, and HazMat classes can be requested. Adam Flynn of Bedford Fire is now District 8 Training Coordinator. Don’t forget; the more money we spend on training the more we can request each year. More training equipment is coming within the next couple of months. Some equipment can be seen at the meeting on the 20th.

Mike Cornman of Ellettsville FD is one of the district trainers for a survival training now being offered. He can bring a survival trailer to you for training. Bob Brown would like to have this training done in Lawrence County. This is mandatory training for FF’s in Kentucky.

Huron Memorial Day Festivities
Huron’s annual Memorial Day Festival will be May 26th. Parade sign-ups start at 10 am, line up at noon and parade starts at 1pm. The parade committee now has their own web site for times, forms and contact information. Here’s the link: Huron parade

The next meeting will be a May 27th at Indian Creek. If Tony can come and talk to us about how to treat a crime scene then we will also have a chief’s meeting that night. I’ll let you all know as soon as I find out from Sam.

50/50 Drawing--$14.50 to Stanley Wright,
$14.50 to County Wide
Key Chain-Val
Hat-Bob Brown

If your department has anything to share; training, good news, or fundraisers, please let me know and we can get information out to the rest of the departments.