April 28, 2009
Indian Creek VFD

Meeting was opened with the Pledge of Allegiance and a moment of silence.
A motion was made to accept the minutes of the last meeting, held at Perry VFD in March.
Minutes were accepted as sent.
Financial Report for April, 2009:

Available Checking: $453.21
Available Savings: $312.38
Cash on hand: $113.90
Total Funds: $ 879.49 as of 4/28/09
A motion was made to accept the financial report as read.
The financial report for April was accepted.

Departments represented at this month’s meeting:

Indian Creek
Pleasant Run
The next meeting will be held Tuesday, May 26th at Marshall Township. There will be a table top exercise presented after the business meeting to outline possible issues concerning the 4H Fair and the ABATE Boogie overlapping. The fair is 7/12-7/18; the Boogie is the 16th, 17th, and 18th. This exercise will allow us to discuss the ‘what-ifs’ as well as satisfy our NIMSCAST requirements.


Radio Grant

This had to be pared down somewhat, but she was able to keep the mobiles that had been requested, but did have to cut back on the hand-held units. She should be able to let us know in September or October, and it will take another 3 to 6 months after notification for signatures and funds to be released.

Flu In the past, responders were treated to help prevent them from getting sick. Practice will now be that only those who are sick will receive meds. At this point nothing has really happened, but Val has talked to BRMC and they are prepared. A plan is in place but nothing will really be implemented until Lawrence County has a confirmed case.

‘Push-Packs’ are in place. Hopefully masks and gowns can be provided to EMS if Lawrence County does get hit. There are some supplies from previous training sessions that have been retained for just such an emergency. Val will distribute if/when needed. Doctor’s offices and hospitals are currently screening by phone before allowing patients to come in for treatment.

The best route to take at this point is good hygiene practices; Cover your nose and mouth with a tissue when coughing or sneezing and dispose of immediately. (if a tissue isn’t available, use the crook of your arm at the elbow rather than your hand) Use GermX or other hand sanitizer if you aren’t able to wash your hands.

Indiana State Fire Marshall James Greeson attended our meeting. He retired after 38 years from the Indianapolis Fire Department and is touring departments state-wide. He was glad to see our EMA director (Val) in attendance and said she is on the second one he’s seen at a fire meeting.

Marshall Greeson attended the FF Standards in Education meeting the night before (4/27) and discussed the new all-in-one training book to be used for FF I & II classes. He recommends attending a FFS&E meeting and would like to hear feedback from people using the new materials.

Informational flyers about the Indiana Homeland Security Foundation Grant (formerly the SEMA grant) which is funded through the sale of the ‘Secure Indiana’ license plates. This is a $4000, no match grant. For more information go to the IDHS site. Val says this would be a good way for departments to upgrade their AEDs.

Government stimulus money for building fire departments was mentioned. Money for this might not be seen until 2010, or after. But Marshall Greeson will release information about this as soon as it becomes available.

Luke asked about the burn camp. He wondered if it was still well staffed and funded, which it is. This will be held May 22nd and 23rd in northern Indiana.

If anyone needs to be in contact with Marshall Greeson he can be reached at 317-232-2226 or e-mail. He says he answers this phone and will answer any questions he can. He said he really liked seeing that we, as a county, were working well together.

4H Fair

This year the fair will be from July 12-18. The ABATE Boogie will overlap from the 16th to the 18th. Even with ambulances at the fair, please plan on sending at least one First Responder or higher the night your department will be there. Carol will make a list of basic first aid supplies needed for the trailer so we can acquire donations from the hospitals. We will decide at the May 26th meeting at Marshall who will cover each night of the fair.

Luke brought up equipment testing for air pac flow testing. He is trying to set up a time and site to allow all the departments in the county to be tested during a one or two day period.

Pump testing will be on June 5th and is $125 per truck. Shawswick has set this up but other departments are welcome. It will be at the county complex. There would be no additional fee if there were at least 8 trucks committed to testing. It would be nice to set this up for annual county wide testing. CHIEFS - If you are interested please contact Bob Brown.

General Info—

Be careful about using biodiesel for extended periods without also running regular diesel. It has apparently been gelling up in motors and causing major repair costs. Running regular diesel along with the biodiesel will keep the injectors cleaned out.

LD wanted to compliment the people who just completed the Firefighter I & II class held at Indian Creek. He said they all worked really hard and he appreciated their hard work.

Pleasant Run had their annual Auction on May 2nd (a notice was sent out that week)

Williams is currently ‘Flocking’ people. For a donation they will place 25 flamingos in the yard of your choice for a day. They are removed later that evening and moved on to the next designated yard. You may also purchase ‘Flock Insurance’ to avoid them from nesting in your lawn. For more information please contact Amy at 812-275-7362. (a notice was sent out the week ending 5/1)

The annual Huron Memorial Day Parade will be Monday, May 25th. Registration will be from 10 am till 12:30. Lineup is at noon, in front of the old Huron School. Judging is at 1, parade starts at 2

50/50 drawing was held. T-Shirts were won by Larry Goodwin and Dennis Godsey. $72 worth of tickets were sold. LD Martin won and donated his winnings back to the County Wide. (Thanks LD!)

IVFA District 17B held its meeting after our County Wide meeting. Tim Deckard, IVFA President, was in attendance. Luke Kluender is now our District Chair.

Don’t forget the annual IVFA Convention will be held June 17-20 in Indianapolis. For more information please see the IVFA web site.

Tim will be running for IVFA President again this year and hopes to have our support once again. The voting session will be during the business meeting on Friday, June 19th. The doors will close at 9 am and there will be nobody allowed in after that time. If you plan to attend the business meeting and want to vote please make sure you are inside the room before the doors close.

Tim pointed out there are several awards given each year at the convention. Although it is too late to nominate for 2009, he’d like to see some people from Lawrence County, as well as other district 17B members, nominated for 2010. More information on the various awards are also available at the web site.

Please watch various bills which affect the fire service under the ‘Legislative Session’ tab on the home page.

A change to the by-laws was voted on at this meeting. It was suggested that once a subject has been ‘touched’ it won’t be brought up again for a period of 2 years. This is to prevent constant changes to the by-laws, and also prevent the same issues being brought up over and over again if not voted through. This is in hopes of keeping the by-laws and SOGs more stable. A vote was taken and the change was approved.

Dues packets should have been received at this point. Please have each member verify any information, especially beneficiaries, before sending the forms back in.

Indian Creek was thanked for providing a cook-out meal as well as for hosting the IVFA meeting.

The next meeting will be May 26th at Marshall. Val will be presenting a table top exercise going over possible scenarios for the Fair/Boogie overlap.