Lawrence County Firefighters Association
County Wide Meeting April 26, 2010
Indian Creek VFD

The meeting was opened with the Pledge of Allegiance, followed by a moment of silence.

Minutes were accepted as submitted.

Financial Report:
Savings= $313.33
Cash = $50.00

Total as of 4/26/2010 = $2138.28

Financial report was accepted as presented.

Hoosier Fire representative Rod Presell was present with a tanker on display prior to the meeting.

Dana Wigley was present on behalf of Sam Craig. Luke asked if the Sherriff's Department had worked with the 800 mHz only as Sam said they would at the March meeting. Dana said there were still some software issues being worked out so it hadn't really been tested at that point.

The Boogie and 4H Fair will be at the same time again this year, we will need to plan accordingly.

Fire Training Council
There are 3 training trailers available, but not enough money to cover all requested training. There were to be two trainings for the hospitals in May. May 10th at 6pm was to be 800 mHz training for Mitchell on the new Motorola radios.

Bob Brown
Bob commented on the Chief's meeting held at Shawswick on April 7th. Every department was represented and we were all glad to see our County Departments care enough about what's going on to make the effort for someone from each department to be there.

The response agreement was modified slightly. The original issue concerning the 3 minute re-tone/dual-tone was revisited and it was decided for the 3 minutes to remain, rather then change this to a 5 minute re-tone from 11 pm to 6 am as requested at the March meeting. Since NIMS is required by the DHS, common language as outlined in ICS training is to be the primary method of communications. The use of 10 codes should be discontinued. A section concerning RIT has been added. The previous response agreement didn't allow for a mutual aid department to bill when responding to assist another department. There is now a section allowing a mutual aid department to bill when responding to a disaster where Federal Reimbursements are available. (such as with the Martinsville floods)

The 2010 AFG period is now open! It was suggested during the Chief's meeting that the county departments go together on a regional grant for RIT kits. Jason Lewis has been taking care of the information and documentation on this.

Training Trailer
The District 8 training trailer is available for use by all departments. Just call Bob if you'd like to use the trailer.

Luke has talked to the County Council when this was first imposed, and there are still no changes at this time. These is still the need for an intra-local agreement between the Townships and the County Council for any of this money to be dispersed beyond the original recipients. (Mitchell City, Bedford City, and Lawrence County Sherriff's Department) The county will probably want something in writing to show the agreement would bring 'added value' by distributing funds to the townships. The revised response agreement could possibly considered 'added value'. This would show the county that the townships are willing to work together for the good of the county and provide what's needed. Luke has talked to most of the trustees but not all. The budget for 2011 will come up in a couple of months, so this needs to be acted on soon. (A copy of the revised response agreement will be forwarded to Luke as soon as the final signatures are obtained) If anyone has any other ides, please let Luke know.

We currently have 6 fire ground channels on the 800 mhz radio system. We can split those them up or dispatch can assign them to departments as incidents are toned out. Val pointed out that NIMS says IC assigns channels as departments are dispatched. We have 11 departments and 6 channels, we'll have to be able to share. These channels are for emergencies only, not for general communications, use the regular repeater for that. If Dispatch assigns and there are multiple incidents you might have to go back to dispatch channel to talk to dispatch. Dana said they can only listen to 3 channels at one time. Banks for Law Enforcement and Ambulances will not be the same as ours. It was suggested we try pre-assigned at this time and if it doesn't work then we can switch to a rotation. Bob asked Kyle Mundy of Marion VFD to help work out the details since he's probably most familiar with these radios. They will present whey they come up with at the May meeting.

This link will take you to the IVFA site. Go to the left side and click on 'convention related' to find more information.

The convention in Terre Haute is coming up soon. The business meeting is open to all. Each department is allowed to have 3 voting representatives present and the IVFA will reimburse one driver from each department for mileage.

Board of Standards and Education meeting will be on Thursday at the Convention. This is very interesting to see. This is where they decide what certs you have to have and what standards must be met.

There are 2 candidates for IVFA President this year.

Work is going on with the IVFA concerning issues dealt with at the legislative sessions. They are hoping to change policies concerning open burns. Controlled burns are not currently required by the state to be called in, it's currently just considered a courtesy. But this proposed change would make it a law for a controlled burn to be called in. If someone called in a fire, and a fire department was dispatched, the responding department would then be allowed to bill for the response if the county wasn't informed of the controlled burn prior to the department being dispatched. This would allow departments to be reimbursed for expenses incurred when dispatched. If anyone has other ideas about what they'd like to see discussed by the IVFA for submission to the legislature, please let Luke know.

Indian Creek INC is not the same as our Indian Creek VFD. Indian Creek INC (Kirksville) is a subscription department, not municipal, out of Monroe Co. If you are asked by a member of an Indian Creek department you'll want to verify this is OUR Indian Creek. The subscription department has been monitoring scanners and jumping runs. The state can't do anything about a subscription department. These people have not been properly trained, but the state won't shut them down. If they offer help and you accept it, they become your liability not only on scene, but as they are in route to your scene. (apparently one member has been scene driving lights & sirens and has no drivers license)

4H Fair
We will further discuss fair plans at the May meeting. Max said there is a new carnival group this year and they rides will run from Saturday to Saturday. More information should be available soon.

Seat Belt Cutter---Val Amkus Hat---Larry Terrell
NASCAR Keychain---Larry Goodwin
Globe Firefighter socks---Larry Goodwin
Hat---Standley Wright

50/50---$74 total
Winner, Bob Brown, donated his $37 winnings back to the county wide. (Thanks Bob!)

The May meeting will be held at Huron VFD. Food will be served at 6 pm, meeting to start at 7.