County Wide Meeting
April 25, 2011
Shawswick Station 3

The meeting was opened with The Pledge of Allegiance.
Jack Voightschild led us in prayer.

Minutes were accepted as submitted.
Financial Report:
Checking - $4182.78
Savings - $410.12
Cash - $129.00
Financial report accepted.

Sam Craig said the new helicopter protocols have been put into place and will now be used.
He said his officers very much appreciated all the volunteers who helped to clear the roadways the night we had the bad storm.

Valerie Luchauer discussed sign ups for the hazmat classes. Itís imperative people get signed up or the classes will have to be canceled.
She discussed flooding and road closures. High water signage was discussed and she stated a lot of the smaller yellow signs have been put up and she has asked for barricades and larger signs for a long time to no avail.
She said to make sure each department documents all equipment hours used in case she is able to get some compensation for it from the storms and flooding. If so, she will have to turn in documentation of what equipment was used and for how many hours it was used.
She stated she had a great ICS 400 class and probably wonít be having another for quite some time. LEPC will be having a tabletop exercise on May 18th where they will be setting up and running the emergency operations.

Boogie- Val is going to take her trailer and set it up at Cornerstone Church where a command center will be established. This is due to the nature of The Boogie this year. Theyíre expecting 10,000-20,000 more people this year and we may not have as many law enforcement and EMS people there this year. Little Sturgis in Kentucky has been canceled for this year so thatís why a much bigger crowd is expected. The last that was heard is there will be no ambulance coverage this year so if one is needed they will be calling 911.

Max Peters said the fair is supposed to be much better this year with a lot more rides and a lot cheaper.

Ashley Ramsay who is running for Miss Flame spoke to us about the different levels and percentages of the competition. She also told us she had gone and spoken at Perry Clear Creek and they donated $500.00 to help cover her expenses for the competition.

Bob Brown talked about the state changing the FF 1 &2 curriculum and the way the practicals are being done now. He talked about Hazmat classes and you donít have to be a member of the fire service to take them. There will be a Technical Rescue and Awareness Class May 21st & 22nd at Shawswick Station 3.

Steve Nolan discussed the Poker Run and said if any other department would like to host it this year they are more than welcome to. If not, then Pleasant Run VFD will host it again this year.
He told us about his trip to Washington D.C. where they were there representing all fire fighters in the state. He said a conversation was had with Todd Rokita and how he is most definitely not a friend of the fire service.

Golf tournaments were discussed and all departments were asked to email Jamie Sorrells with the dates of all events they have planned so she can email them out to everyone.

Jason Lewis talked about collecting money from the departments that have RIT Packs coming from the grant that was received.

The 50/50 drawing was won by Jack Voightschild.

The next meeting will be May 23rd at Indian Creek VFD.