Lawrence County Firefighters Association
Lawrence County Firefighters Association
May 26, 2008
Indian Creek

Meeting was opened with the Pledge of Allegiance and a moment of silence. The minutes of the April meeting were sent out prior to the May meeting. One correction: The IVFA Business Meeting is Friday, June 20th, not June 21st as listed in the previous minutes.

Here is a link to the IVFA site for anyone needing more information on the convention. IVFA

Financial Report from:
Available Checking: $331.89
Available Savings: $1057.09
Cash on hand: $140.50

Old business:

Val talked briefly about the Catastrophic Planning (Earthquake Seminar) held in Bedford recently and stressed that the first 72 hours of a major incident will be total chaos. Weíll need to be able to make due with what we all have on hand. We wonít likely be able to get anyone in or out to start with. Make sure we, as responders, have our own kits ready. Realize that 30% of your responders canít or wonít respond. Encourage people in your communities to maintain emergency preparedness kits. Val hopes to have lists for these kits at the June meeting.

NIMS: Val put on a NIMS 300 class at the Bedford Fire Station 5/27-5/29. She will be putting on a NIMS 400 class 6/11-6/13 from 5-10pm at the Bedford Fire Station training room. There will also be NIMS classes in July and August in Washington and Val will forward that information when she gets dates and times.

FEMA is asking about NIMS on grants. NIMS is going to be required for grants and they may eventually start pulling equipment purchased with grant money if a department is audited. Donít say youíre compliant if you arenít.

District 8: Bob The last meeting was in Bedford the week before County Wide. Flyers were passed for us to see the smoke house and other equipment purchased by, and available to, District 8. Theyíve received another grant for more equipment and it can be used by district departments for live burns. For more information and rules for use please talk to Bob Brown. The next meeting will be June 17th in Orange County. Please see the District 8 site for time and location.

Strategy and Tactics training will be at either Shawswick or Bedford Fire soon. Bob will forward exact time, dates, and location to me and Iíll forward that information as soon as I get it.

Instructor I will be offered sometime in January 2009 and Fire Officer I right after that.

HazMat Awareness and Ops will be offered with Adam Flynn as the instructor. Bob will have Adam send me the details and Iíll forward them to the county. This will probably be a Tuesday and Thursday class. Level A, B, and C suits will be available for training.

IVFA convention starts Wednesday June 18th and ends June 21st. Business meeting/election of state officers will be Friday June 20th. Please see the on-line agenda on the IFVA site for further details. IVFA Attending departments are reimbursed for mileage for attending the meeting. Only ONE person per department will be allowed so plan to car-pool. Each department is allowed 3 votes. Again, please see the IVFA site for details. There is also a Ďcontact usí area on the site if you need more information. The Board of Education Meeting is also held during the convention and there is still an issue on the floor concerning Instructors that havenít crossed over to FF I & II no longer being allowed to teach certified classes. Please see the agenda for day and time for the vote on this issue.

4-H Fair: Danny and Boomer would like to make a poster or display of pictures from all the departments showing what we do. Please submit pictures to me and we can get what we need for the posters. Danny has some other items for display. Danny also suggested having contact information printed out and available for anyone asking for information about the department in their area. Please forward contact information to me so we can have this ready before the fair. (Department phone number and department e-mail if possible) 50/50 tickets will be sold each night. We wonít be there as EMS this year so First Responder certification isnít required to man the trailer. We will be asking for volunteers for each night so please be prepared with days your department can be there and who to expect. Iíll find out if parking passes will be available again this year.

Lighthouse Readiness Disaster Alert systems were demonstrated at Bedford Fire Station Monday June 2nd. This is an alert system used to alert residents of any kind of incident from weather alerts to emergency situations at the local schools.

SOP Update: Suggested modifications to the current agreement with the Sheriffs Department concerning VFD standby on station during an incident has been presented to Steve, Bob and Sam Craig. They will discuss the updates and make suggestions for any further modifications before the agreement is presented to the rest of the County Wide members. Hopefully weíll be able to present these changes to the remainder of the members for acceptance at the June meeting.

Central Dispatch: Projected availability date is 2010. This is still in the planning stages and will take up to 2 years to implement. Val has been involved with the meetings but right now only the police departments are involved. Bob and Danny both suggest at least 1 firefighter be involved with the planning committee. Val says they are still looking at possible sites for dispatch and equipment. Right now the county is still in the very early planning stages. But the fire department and ambulances will eventually be involved also. The final effectiveness date is 2014, so this isnít something that will have a sudden impact on the county.

If the latest 911 bill passes then radios will no longer be allowed to be purchased from 911 money. This could mean that it will fall to the fire departments to pay upkeep on repeaters. This hasnít been passed yet and probably wonít be put up for a vote until next year.

Bob received an e-mail concerning the use of portable (grill type) propane tanks being used for meth lab use. These people are now getting the tanks at various exchange locations (Lowes, Wal Mart, etc) They use the propane then use the empty tanks to hold anhydrous ammonia. Once empty again they go back to the store and get another tank. The chemicals theyíve put in the tank, stay in the tank and cause the material to weaken. The tanks have apparently been rupturing where theyíre weakened and bursting. Please watch for blue or greenish discoloration around the valve if you get a propane tank. If the tank doesnít look right get a different one. This e-mail was sent to Bob and originally came from an Indiana Sheriffís Assistant.

Luke said Shawswick was having pump testing Friday June 6th and it was open to any department who would like to come. This was going to be at the County Complex.

Marion Township hosted Courage to be Safe training May 28th from 6 to 10 at the Marion Fire Barn. This was open to all departments free of charge.

Indian Creek distributed copies of Pride in Ownership DVDs to each department at the meeting. This was shown by Tim Deckard at the last IVFA meeting. LD attended the IVFA meeting was very impressed with this and wanted to share it with other departments. Thank you! We appreciate it.

Val says Marion Township along with Mitchell VFD will be having large-scale incident training at Lehigh Field on August 21st. They will need volunteers for victims, patients, and relief workers. This would be something good to be involved with, even as a patient. That helps us better understand how it feels to need help instead of giving it. More details will be forwarded as I can get them.

We still need current rosters from each department. Iíve received a few, but not many just yet. If you donít have your roster in electronic format please bring a copy to the next countywide meeting. Please supply contact information and list of officers. Please also indicate EMS certifications for each member. $44 was collected for 50/50 tickets. $22 for the county wide, $22 for Larry Terrell

The next meeting will be June 24th at the Williams Community Building.

Oolitic will be having its annual Firemanís Ball Saturday July 12th from 8pm to 12am at the Bedford Elks Club. Snacks and cash bar available. $15 for singles & $25 per couple. Semi-casual-everyone welcome! Tickets are available at the Oolitic Fire Station or call 812-279-0477, 583-4142 or 797-1618.

If your department is having any fundraisers or shared training please forward that information to me and Iíll get it out to the county.