Lawrence County Firefighters Association
May 26, 2009
Marshall VFD

Meeting was opened with the Pledge of Allegiance and a moment of silence.
A motion was made to accept the minutes of the last meeting, held at Indian Creek VFD in April..
Minutes were accepted as sent.
Financial Report for April, 2009:

Available Checking: $453.21
Available Savings: $317.38
Cash on hand: $178.90
Total Funds: $ 949.49 as of 5/26/09
A motion was made to accept the financial report as read.
The financial report for May was accepted.

Loading Zones

Brandon was unable to come to the meeting (he was on duty) but will try to be at the June meeting in Huron. He will bring copies of the preliminary LZ book for each chief. He tried to fax it to Shawswick, but it was too dark to see. Dunn is on board with using the PELAs, but Air Evac still needs to check with BRMC and see if they will OK these also.

There were loading zone kits seen on display at FDIC this year that looked useful. There was a suggestion to see if Val could find a grant to acquire a kit for each department. The kits were believed to be approximately $500 each.

Train the Trainer

There was to be a training session at the burn tower in Bedford on June 13th. The e-mail notice from Adam Flynn was forwarded to everyone on the e-mail list. We will all need to work together to use the tower for training. When using the tower there needs to be at least 2 trucks and several instructors. More details on its use will be forwarded as they become available from Adam.

Pump Testing

Shawswick arranged for pump testing in the county 6/4. Several departments took advantage of the reduced price offered for having multiple trucks and departments. Hopefully this can become and annual, county event. Pump testing is done to provide proof that your equipment is working as it should and is also required to lower ISO ratings which also lower the cost of homeowners insurance in each township.


The IVFA Convention will start the evening of Wednesday, June 17th and will continue through Saturday. Friday will be the annual business meeting and election of officers. Tim Deckard is once again running for IVFA President and hopes he can count on support from Lawrence County again this year. Each department is allowed 3 votes. During the convention there will also be a state board meeting and a meeting of the Standards and Education board. Please follow this link to view the full agenda and schedule.

There were 2 issues revised at the state level. Changes have been made to the state minimum requirement for ADD coverage and also Workers Comp coverage. Workers Comp has been raised to equal 40 hours per work at minimum wage. This will be the standard from now on. When minimum wage goes up, workers comp will also without having to be brought to a vote again. The law now also states there can be no disciplinary action taken against a firefighter who can’t work their regular job because they’ve been injured at an incident.

Fair Week

Each department has either chosen or been assigned a night at the 4H Fair. Please plan for at least one of your department representatives to be certified as a First Responder or higher. We will be providing EMS assistance to the ambulance services, but we won’t be the only EMS providers at the fair. Plan to be there from 6 to 9.

Saturday, July 11 Shawswick
Sunday, July 12 Oolitic
Monday, July 13 Perry
Tuesday, July 14 Marshall
Wednesday, July 15 Huron
Thursday, July 16 Pleasant Run
Friday, July 17 Guthrie
Saturday, July 18 Williams and Mitchell

Please plan for at least one of your department representatives to be certified as a First Responder or higher on the night you are scheduled. This year we will be located on the main circle between the Cattlemen’s Rib Eye stand and Junior Leaders, and the camper will be set up. (nowhere near the manure collection area!) If there is a problem with your department covering the assigned night please let me know ASAP.

The next County Wide meeting will be next Tuesday, June 23rd at Huron. Please try to send at least one member from your department to this meeting so we can get all necessary information out well before the fair. I’m not 100% sure what the hours will be, but last year it was 6-9 each night.

Val does have some stuff to pass out.

Fire Prevention Week

We need to be looking into alternate locations where there would be high visibility and also allow Air Evac to land.

LCFFA T-Shirts

Bob Brown is gathering information about ordering County Wide t-shirts. They’d likely have something like a Maltese Cross on the front and a list of all the departments in the county on the back. Hopefully they wouldn’t run over $10 each. (the more we order the cheaper they usually are) Please ask members of each department if they’d be interested and how many would they like so we can get a cost estimate. Please forward that information to either me or Bob Brown.

Air Pack Flow Testing (Steve---please correct me if I have the wrong information here)

Scott air pack flow testing measures the flow and pressure to make sure air packs are performing to spec. This is supposed to be done every 5 years. This is for the SCBA only, not the cylinders. Steve will be setting up a date and time and will forward information as it becomes available. As with pump testing, we might be able to get bulk rates if several departments do this at the same time.

50/50 drawing was held with a total of $63 worth of tickets being sold. ($31.50 for the County Wide) 50/50 drawing for May was won by Standley Wright.

Val presented a table top exercise:

Val presented what could happen with an incident at the 4H Fair, a 5 acre fight at the Boogie, and other BAD incidents happening all at once. (it wasn’t pretty) Dunn will be at the Boogie 7/16-7/18, but BRMC will be at the Fair for the week.