Lawrence County Firefighters Association
County Wide Meeting May 24th, 2010
Huron VFD

The meeting was opened with the Pledge of Allegiance, followed by a moment of silence.

Minutes were accepted as submitted.

Financial Report:
Savings= $313.33
Cash = $123.00

Total as of 4/26/2010 = $1839.37
$107.91 has been spent out in printer ink, paper, mailing supplies and postage for the Golf Scramble

Financial report was accepted as presented.

Sherriff's Department
Sam Craig said he reviewed the revised Response Agreement with Andy Sanders and Mark Jones. He questioned if all departments had a RIT team and how will dispatch know who to contact. It was explained that not all departments had teams, but some did. And if the regional grant for RIT packs goes through almost all departments will have them. As it stands now the jurisdictional department will be the one to request a RIT team and will inform dispatch of who it should be. Sam would like to merge the revised response agreement with our SOP concerning Code Red/Blue responses. (possible terrorist act/possible drug related problem) Since the response agreement is going to plain language he requests we go to plain language with this also. Some codes will need to be retained, but plain language is going to be necessary for any large scale incident that would require ICS/NIMS to be used. He will sign off on the revised response agreement so we will have one active and in place and I will merge the two documents and request a Chief's meeting when it's ready for review.

The Sherriff's Department is now using the 800 system and it seems to be going well now that some tower upgrades were made in Jackson County. Drop zones aren't being lost zones now. The only problems they've had were when the equipment went down during a storm. Sam is surprised it's working as well as it is, not quite as good as the VHF in some ways. They are still keeping a log of any problems so they can be worked out quickly.

Bob said their radios haven't been tripping. They were sent back for work but nothing was found. Luke said when calls go out some sound really good while others sounded really garble and echoed, maybe one of the consoles still had problems. Sam agreed to have an additional tone test the following Sunday, one from each console, to see if this could be the problem. (the additional tones were run, but nobody contacted me if there was a problem)

Luke brought up the 4H Fair and Boogie overlapping again and asked Sam if there was anything we could do to make things go easier. Sam said just plan to do the same thing we did last year. But Sam also has arrangements made with surrounding agencies for additional support. Operation Pull Over will be going on during the Boogie to target motorcycles and hopefully this will help keep the Boogie visitors more in line, and still have the additional law enforcement help visible and available if needed.

Bob Atkins and Dr. James Frasure from BRMC were at our meeting. They are going to be putting on an EMT class on Monday and Tuesday nights, starting in June. (the flier for this course was sent out via e-mail 6/2/10) EMS can come sit in during these classes for in-service time. (contact Bob for more information)

Bob would also like to know what departments are under BRMC and would like to come to their training sessions. If your department is using BRMC as their Medical Control, please let Bob Atkins know so he can make arrangements to come to your meeting.

Bob Brown pointed out there is a problem with the length of the leads on the standard AED pads. He has already talked to Rodney and wanted to let Bob A know also, we'd like to request 4 ft leads rather than the standard 2 ft leads. This is for responder safety. With a small patient the shorter leads don't cause a problem, with with a larger patient it's hard to clear the patient and the equipment to deliver a shock. Bob A said for the Association to submit a request letter stating our reasons for requesting the longer leads. (I will be doing this as soon as I get more information from Bob Brown)

Bob A said if there's anything we need just to get with him and let him know. He was asked about CPR classes and said these classes are put on twice a month at BRMC, just call 275-1335 and find out when they're scheduled.

The convention is coming up, please see the link below for information. Click on 'Convention 2010' for more information.

IVFA membership packets should have been received, If your department hasn't received one please contact Luke and he'll take care of it. Dues are to be paid by July 31.

This year there are 2 candiates for President and there is pressure to vote Tim Deckard out. Lawrence County really needs him to make sure we are still represented as we should be. Please remember, even if you don't plan on attending the convention you can still come to the business meeting Friday. 3 votes per department, and the IVFA will pay mileage to one driver per department, so please plan to car-pool if attending. The full schedule of events for the convention are listed at the link above, and also in the IVFA newspaper.

Jack Kerney is saying Mitch Daniels is still wanting to see township trustees removed. We need to back and support our trustees or we could end up seeing all the township power being handed to one person for the entire county.

Steve---Hoosier Fire will be putting on an Extrication Demonstration at the convention. This will be on Wednesday, the 16th at 3pm at the Holiday Inn parking lot.

Group Pump Testing
Test time is coming up again. We need to find a date and time to set up for everyone. This way we get to split the costs. Fire Service, Inc. did our testing last year. The guy that did it last year no longer works for this company and his replacement doesn't work on the trucks the way the other guy did. Nobody who has used this guy seems to be impressed by him. Bob said Dave Thomas gave us a good deal but the new guy isn't doing a very good job, so he isn't sure we should use them again this year or not. Chris Welch is also doing pump tests, but he's high. Bob will talk to him and see if he's willing to deal with us. Hoosier Fire does also, but Steve says they're also high. Bob said he'd talk to them and see if he could get them to deal with us, also.

Procedure still says we need an agreement between the county and the townships. Luke has a copy of an agreement with another agency and he'll be using this to draft an agreement for requesting the county help support trustees for townships working together. Luke is working on the wording of the document so each department would benefit, rather than each township. This way Huron and Williams wouldn't have to spilt any revenues. Kyle Mundy pointed out this could keep Marion Twp from receiving additional funding from Bono, since Bono has no FD and Marion is contracted to cover that area. It was suggested the wording reflect 'each fire contract' rather then township or department.

Luke is pointing out regional grants and the response agreement as a basis for showing this money would help cut costs by allowing us to be able to pay for more/better equipment.

Unfortunetly, this would not apply to either Mitchell or Oolitic, since they aren't covered by the county council, but by city councils.

Luke will submit a draft of when complete and announce when the next county council meeting is when this will be presented. He'd like to see each department represented at this meeting.

The Fair and the Boogie will overlap at the end of fair week. The fair will be from the 10th to the 17th (we were told it will run Saturday to Satruday this year because of the new carnival) The Boogie will run the 15th to the 18th.

It has been suggested that we take a break from the fair this year and not have the trailer set up. Kyle Mundy said Marion would be at the fair each night, as usual, providing concessions at the track, so there would be responders available if needed. It was decided to table the discussion until the next meeting (6/28 at Shawswick) There are some that feel we need to be there for exposure as well as community service, while others point out we haven't been as successful with exposure or fundraising when we're in the trailer. (the year we were in the building with other vendors we seemed to be able to sell 50/50 tickets, but not when we were outside)

Please discuss this with your departments and be ready to discuss it at the next meeting. If we decide to be at the fair this year each department needs to be able to commit to at least one, if not two nights. You can have as many members there as you like, but there must be at least 2 certified at no less then the First Responder level.

Assigned channels for new 800 radios
Bob Brown and Kyle Mundy worked out a channel designation based on which departments would be most likely to respond together the most. This wasn't 100%, but they did manage to pair up most departments with their most likely assisting department. Fire base will have this list and will know who is assigned to each channel.
Channel 1= Marion & Huron
Channel 2= Shawswick & Guthrie
Channel 3= Marshall & Pleasant Run
Channel 4= Indian Creek & Perry
Channel 5= Oolitic & Williams
Channel 6= Can be used by everyone, or as assigned if necessary.
If 2 departments who share a channel are out at the same time, but not together, one can move to channel 6, but you'll need to inform dispatch you are moving to that channel and why. Mitchell does have their own channel, so they are not included in this list. This will start as of JULY 1st.

RIT Pack
Only 2 departments did not join in the regional grant for RIT packs. (Williams and Perry) This was kept to the basic pack, not the fancy sets. If the grant is received there will be a County Wide training session. Since this can be paid for with District 8 training money, there was no additional training costs to be added to the grant perposal.

Golf Scramble
The 2nd Annual Golf Scramble is scheduled for Aug 28th, at J-Rock Golf Course. The first set of donation letters has been sent out. The next phase will be sending out registration forms and fliers.

Bob would like to see a team and a hole sponsor from each department. This year the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place prizes will be by drawing rather then scores. This way everyone has a chance to win, not just those who know what they're doing. At least one member of the team must be present for that team to collect the prize. (this is on the flier)

Bob suggested it would be nice for each golfer to receive something for being there. He found a ball marker from Marketing Matters that can be personalized for this event. They would cost $2.80 each (minimum of 100 ordered), with $20 shipping, totalling $300 for the purchase. She also said if we purchased this she'd embroider a golf bag with the same logo and donate it as a prize. Dale George made a motion, Kyle Knight and Kyle Mundy both seconded the motion. Vote passed and approved to purchase the ball markers.

At the next meeting (June--Shawswick) Steve would like to have a breakdown of all the runs from each department so far for 2010. What he'd like to do is to do this each month and keep track of call volumes for each deparment on a regular basis.

Firehouse is getting ready to go on line! Need to be able to keep up on reports once we go on line. If you assist another department you will need tieir number to do your report. All reports will be due by the 15th of the month, so you'll need to get caught up. On line will have a training module so you'll be able to track your training with this program.

Certification Issue
Kyle Mundy reported a problem with getting a Junior Firefighter certified. (under 18) Steve suggested going to the IVFA convention and attend the Boards of Standards and Education Meeting to appeal this, but he'd have to contact someone to get on the agenda. The state encourages departments to participate and have a Junior Firefighter program, but now they're refusing to certify anyone under 18 years old.

Fireworks the last weekend of June. Williams VFD will be running a concession stand and possibly a dunking booth.

50/50 drawing = $36 ($18 for Larry Goodwin, $18 for the County Wide Association)

The next meeting will be at Shawswick on June 28th. We will be dicussing the 4H Fair and the Golf Scramble.