Lawrence County Firefighters Association

June 26, 2007

Meeting was opened with the Pledge of Allegiance and a Moment of Silence.

Sam Craig talked to BRMC, who had donated the old ambulance to the sheriff's department, and got the OK to donate it to the countywide fire association. Boomer said B.N.L. can do mechanical repairs for just the cost of the parts, and B.N.L. and Dana Wigley would do paint & graphics for the cost of materials. Questions were brought up about where it should be kept when not in use and how to insure it. If the County Wide insured it then all departments could use it. But it isn't clear who would be responsible for any incident during a mutual aid call. We also need to look into our incorporation before trying to insure it.

Pleasant Run now has one of the FEMA trailers and would like to use it for training but also needs to work out insurance issues. Mutual Aid Agreements might need to be updated before other departments use it.

June 28th there was a training exercise that was coordinated by BRMC. Shawswick, Bedford Extrication, Dunn, BRMC, Air Evac and the Sheriff's Department were to be involved in the exercise. Residents on highway 50East were notified through the mail to be aware of the exercise. Diana Wires was to cover this for a Times-Mail write up. This scenario might be expanded on and used again for another exercise by the LEPC next year.

Air Evac would like for departments to contact them for landing zone training.

Perry will have EVOC training on August 11th. They have opened the training to the first 15 to sign up. You need to contact Billy Raines if you'd like to take the training and you must bring a truck from your department.

There will be a Tornado Task Force organizational meeting August 8th. Larry Goodwin asked if there was some way for Huron and Williams to be toned when Martin County sends out weather alerts. With these departments bordering Martin County and they have usually been hit with storms before Lawrence County sets off the tones. Val said this was something that would have to be addressed with Lawrence County Dispatch. She did suggest monitoring weather spotter's channels that there were registered weather spotters in Martin County now.

Val said she can look into another Weather Spotter's class and would need at least 12-15 people to attend to be able to schedule it.

NIMS surveys (sent again in an e-mail after this meeting) need to be filled out and returned. This is needed to receive laptops from the state. This will also affect their ability to receive AFG grants.

NIMS 300 class starts the first Thursday of August and will be 6-10 on Monday and Thursday until the class is finished. Jason Lewis will be the instructor for this class. At least 25 people need to be signed up for this class for the county to justify the cost of the class. Please contact Val to reserve a place in the class.

Each department needs to take the time to mark county maps for Persons With Disabilities in their areas. This is needed for the county to be able to make arrangements for these people in case of an evacuation or other emergencies. No names or conditions need to be listed. Just mark symbols on the maps from the key provided to alert if a resident is home bound, uses home oxygen, or does or doesn't have a caregiver in house.

Tiffany Locke, 2007 Miss Flame for District 17B was at the meeting to tell us about the competition held the week before the meeting and the activities she participated in. She also said she is available for FD fundraisers, parades and other functions. Please feel free to contact her at

Boomer is open for suggestions for TOPES. He's interested in knowing what can be done to improve their service to us. TOPES currently has granola or energy bars and candy bars, along with water & sport drinks and hopes to add more items if affordable. He also wants to remind us that his services as a Chaplin are also available and wants to be able to help with our spiritual as well as our physical needs.

Valerie also says there are resources beyond this are available through the county if needed. CISD with department members and their spouses are available.

Steve reminds us to be aware that dry weather will bring field and woods fires, be ready. He will look into getting a DNR 8-hour Basic Wildland Training class in Lawrence County.

The next meeting will be at Mitchell, at 7pm on July 24th. They will be serving chili and potato soup.

Personal Note:

We had 2 departments 5 nights out of 6 to cover the EMS trailer at the Fair. I'd like to thank everyone that took the time to do this. I really appreciate it and I'm sure the fair board does, too. With the Boogie overlapping the end of Fair week this puts a real strain on EMS services in the county.

Thank you all again.