Lawrence County Firefighters Association
June 24, 2008

Meeting was opened with the Pledge of Allegiance and a moment of silence. The minutes of the May meeting were sent out prior to the June meeting and were accepted as presented.

Financial Report from: June 24
Available Checking: $1057.09
Available Savings: $331.89
Cash on hand: $140.50

Fair week will be July 5th thru the 12th. This year we won’t be at the Fair as EMS. We’ll be there to try to raise community awareness of Volunteer Fire Departments and members in the county. The trailer will still be located around the same area as last year. It was decided to be at the fair from 6pm to 9pm starting Sunday night. The schedule is as follows:

Sunday Oolitic
Monday Williams & Mitchell
Tuesday Perry
Wednesday Pleasant Run & Huron
Thursday Shawswick
Friday Marshall & Guthrie

For those who are working the trailer show either a blue light or department shirt and tell the parking attendant that you are there for the booth and you should be able to park for free. We ask that departments either wear uniform shirt or matching department shirts while representing us to the county. Danny is going to talk to Val about some fire prevention handouts. We will also be selling 50/50 tickets each night. If for some reason you cannot have a member at the fair on your designated night please contact us so we can make arrangements. Danny still needs pictures! If you have a way of sending some department pics to be used at the fair please forward them to me and I’ll get them to Danny. If you don’t have a way to send electronic files please feel free to create your own poster of pics to display. We do need to start taking more departmental and interdepartmental pics. Especially when we have group training and classes. We need to show the county we are all working together to get things done!

July 1, 4:30 at Bedford Fire Scott Gillespie has scheduled a planning meeting for Fire Prevention Week. Presently we have Jack Volkschild & Standley Wright willing to work as part of the planning committee. Val can offer her notes and will help some, but she’ll be away at an EMA conference that day and won’t be available for the committee this year. We will start making more plans at the July meeting.

Tim Deckard is the new IVFA President. Lawrence County had 7 members present and he won the seat by 3 votes.

NIMS 300 is mandatory for all officers as of October 2008. NIMS 400 will be mandatory by 2009. Val has already put on one of each of these classes and will be working to put on more. But she can only do so many so if you are in need of either of these classes please contact Val to see if she is going to put on another class or she can direct you to the site of another class. All members are required to have 100, 200, 700 & 800. Officers are required all of these plus 300 & 400 (by 10/09). If we aren’t up to these levels we will no longer be NIMS compliant and will no longer be GRANT ELIGIBLE. 100, 200, 700 & 800 are all available on line. Val can help you out on this, just contact her.

The petition circulated previously concerning current instructors who did not cross over from First Class and Second Class to Firefighter I & II no longer being eligible to teach certification classes helped to block this change from going into affect. Current instructors will still be able to teach certification classes without crossing over.

New Safety Standard
A new law will require anyone working an accident scene to wear reflective safety vests. This will include law enforcement as well as FD. This is an OSHA mandate but won’t be in affect until later this year. The vests that will meet the standard will have to be ANSI approved and are not yet available. Steve will keep us up to date on the availability of the required vests.

Air Evac
Air Evac attended our meeting and would like to work with each department to set up pre-determined Loading Zones. They would also like to set up LZ training with each department. PELAs (Pre Existing Landing Areas) are set up to assist hospitals and the Sheriff’s department so locations are already determined before we need them. Air Evac would like 2-3 for each departmental area. They’d like to have information back from us on these locations in the next 30 days. They will then create a binder for their use so they already know where they can safely land and we know where the patient needs to be. They can still come directly to the scene if necessary, but the PELAs are really safer and easier to work with. They said areas such as Huron, Williams, and the northern area of Pleasant Run in particular are the farthest from hospitals and would likely be harder to use centralized PELAs (such as airport or schools). If a PELA is located on private property a sign can be put up at the site so it can be easily seen stating it is an Air Evac Landing Area. Their main concern is knowing there are no safety obstacles to deal with when they need to land. Air Evac would rather be in the air and get turned around then to be called to the scene too late. They only bill if they transport. If the ambulance loads the patient and moves them even one tire turn they can still bill for transport from the scene to the LZ. The 800 radios have Air Med 1, 2, & 3 programmed in them, which Air Evac has. But if these radios are not available or won’t work they can still communicate through other channels. (IHERN or Co Fire) Will also come to departments to assist with In-Service Classes (CPR, LZ) and will come to fundraiser activities. They will let us sell tickets for a free site-seeing ride. The ride is scheduled for a convenient time and leaves from their site in Orange County. We have asked them to come to Fire Prevention and might sell tickets for the ride during the carnival. They are currently located at Evansville, Paoli, Rushville and Brazil.

We still need current rosters from each department. I’ve received a few, but not many just yet. If you don’t have your roster in electronic format please bring a copy to the next countywide meeting. Please supply contact information and list of officers. Please also indicate EMS certifications for each member

There was no 50/50 drawing this month.

Oolitic will be having its annual Fireman’s Ball Saturday July 12th from 8pm to 12am at the Bedford Elks Club. Snacks and cash bar available. $15 for singles & $25 per couple. Semi-casual-everyone welcome! Tickets are available at the Oolitic Fire Station or call 812-279-0477, 583-4142 or 797-1618.

If your department is having any fundraisers or shared training please forward that information to me and I’ll get it out to the county.

Standard Operating Procedure updates
Sam Craig has read the purposed updates to the SOP we currently have in place concerning calls that are believed to be associated with either the manufacture of drugs or possible acts of terrorism. He and Tony Sidle have reviewed the changes and are willing to sign the agreement and put it into place as soon as the rest of he County Wide members have read and agreed to the changes. Please show this to you other department members and be prepared to voice an opinion, make additional suggestions, or vote to pass this revision.

The updated document is as follows:





The purpose of this document is to outline procedures to be used in the event Fire Department assistance is needed for these special situations.

The Lawrence County Firefighters Association in cooperation with the Lawrence County Sheriffs Department has agreed to the following procedures regarding acts of terrorism both domestic and foreign and incidents involving the marketing or manufacture of drugs.

In the event the Lawrence County Sheriffs Department should receive a report of a fire, explosion, gas cloud, etc. that is suspected to be the result of a terrorist act the appropriate Fire Department as well as the closest mutual aid department and advise them of the nature of the call (fire, explosion, etc.) as well as including that the incident is a ‘Code Red’ incident.

In the event the Lawrence County Sheriffs Department should receive a report of a fire, explosion, gas cloud, etc. that is suspected to be the result of and incident involving drugs, or their manufacture, the appropriate Fire Department as well as the closest mutual aid department and advise them of the nature of the call (fire, explosion, etc.) as well as including that the incident is a ‘Code Blue’ incident.

In the event the Lawrence County Sheriffs Department feels it necessary for the safety of the community to place a Fire Department on stand by for either fire suppression or medical response, but feel a toned response for these situations could cause a security breech, dispatch will use the phone to contact the Chief of the responding department. The Chief will then call the department members and request they go to the station. If the Chief feels there aren’t an adequate number of responders on station to effectively handle the possible incident they will call dispatch and request the closest mutual aid department also be placed on stand by.

Should dispatch not be able to contact the Chief of the responding department by phone they will attempt to contact the next officer on the roster. Should dispatch be unable to contact an officer by phone they will then set off ONE tone for the responding department requesting the chief contact dispatch. Should dispatch be unable to get a response from the first department the next closest mutual aid department will be notified using the process outlined above.

Once the Sheriffs Department has decided the incident is no longer a threat to the safety of the community they will instruct dispatch to stand down the department/departments placed on stand by.

Should a department be placed on stand by for an access of 1 hour the fire officer in charge is to call dispatch and request an update.

With this agreement all Lawrence County Volunteer Fire Departments agree to provide a current roster of members and officers to the Sheriffs Department on an annual basis.

With this agreement the Lawrence County Sheriffs Department agrees for dispatch to use the codes as described above when toning any VFD to a potentially hazardous incident. The Sheriffs Department also agrees for dispatch to make hourly updates, via phone, to any department placed on stand by until the Sheriffs Department feels it is acceptable they stand down.

Lawrence County Sherriff Date Signed

Lawrence County Firefighters Association-President Date Signed