Lawrence County Firefighters Association
June 23, 2009
Huron VFD

Meeting was opened with the Pledge of Allegiance and a moment of silence.
A motion was made to accept the minutes of the last meeting, held at Marshall in May.
Minutes were accepted as sent.

Financial Report for June, 2009:
Available Checking: $453.21
Available Savings: $312.38
Cash on hand: $220.40
Total Funds: $985.99 6/23/09

A motion was made to accept the financial report as read.
The financial report for June was accepted.

Landing Zones - Air Evac landed at the Huron Fire Barn so Brandon Robertson could distribute a copy of the Lawrence County Pre-Established Landing Areas (PELA) to each department. He had started to explain how to use the books when they were toned out. Brandon did leave several gifts for our 50/50 drawing. 1 copy of the PELA book was distributed to each department and to Dunn. Dunn wants to use this exclusively when possible. Air Evac is still trying to get BRMC to come on board with the LZs. When calling dispatch all you have to do is tell them Lawrence County LZ# XXX.

Some chiefs have been receiving calls presented as Department of Health surveys. This is a group trying to get a bill passed saying all 1st Responders would have to take a trauma class each year. This would be $150 per person.

Another issue pointed out was with a letter some chiefs had been receiving in the mail. It asks for information and states $150 was to be sent with the letter within 10 days to Non for Profits Annual Compliance, Capital Street, Indianapolis. This is a SCAM and should be disregarded.

Val responded with Lawrence County (Marion Twp) to the fire at the Paoli VFW yesterday (6/22) There were a total of 51 responders there and she pointed out there were rehab issues with the heat. She took drinks and non-perishable snacks to those who responded. She was glad to see ICS put into use but reminded everyone to use their accountability tags when responding so members can be tracked.

The 4H Fair ran the week of 7/11 thru 7/18, overlapping with the ABATE Boogie the 16th, 17th, and 18th. The county wide trailer would have prizes set up and 2 games, a duck pond and a fish pond. While kids are playing we can talk to the parents about fire safety and hand out batteries for their smoke alarms. This year we’ll do ‘Fill the Boot’ rather than the 50/50 drawing and see if this works better.

Val also said she should find out about the 800 hz radio grant at a meeting on June 24th and she’ll report to us at the July meeting.

Bob Brown asked Val if there was any way for the LCEMA to get a grant for Landing Zone kits for the county departments. These units have lights and weighted cones to be used as a landing pad for the helicopter. Val said there wouldn’t be money in the budget for one for each department but she might be able to start getting a couple at a time. It was suggested that possibly Huron and Plesant Run to be considered for the first ones if they could be acquired. These were mentioned because they each have more remote areas and would most likely need them more. It can be purposed with the 2010 budget in December. Bob wondered if there would be a grant out there for something like this but Val said the only one LEPC could get would be HazMat related.

County Wide t-shirts - Information on pricing for county wide t-shirts will be forwarded by e-mail as soon as Bob has information. (this was sent out on 7/16) Bob brought in a sample shirt he had made so everyone would know what it looks like. (Information has been forwarded and the order is due at the July 28 meeting at Shawswick)

Fire Prevention - We’ll start talking about Fire Prevention at the next meeting, but we do need to start looking for new locations to hold the carnival. Someplace that is high visibility and will allow Air Evac to land, if possible.

IVFA meeting was also held at Huron with the following departments represented:
Indian Creek-3
Pleasant Run-2

IVFA Public Relations Representative Jim Abrams and his wife Stella attended this meeting.

Dues for 2009 are due by July 31. You can pay late, but then you run the risk of lost benefits during the lapse time. (This includes scholarships and survivors benefits) Please make sure your addresses are correct to get your IVFA paper. Lots of bad addresses get returned to IVFA. If you’d like to attend the next meeting of the Board of Education please let Luke know and he’ll get the time, date, and location.

Election of Officers

Elections for state officers was held at the IVFA convention, with Tim Deckard retraining his position as President for another year. Jack Zeeks (Marion Township VFD) was named Mr. IVFA for 2009. Several awards and scholarships are presented at the convention each year and a memorial service is held. You can read about them at the IVFA web site.

Next year’s convention will be held in Terre Haute. For any members wishing to attend the business meeting held at the convention, IVFA will allow 3 voting members and will pay mileage to one driver for each department. This year’s meeting passed revisions to Worker’s Comp rates (now payable to an injured firefighter at current minimum wage rate) and also rights for injured workers (primary employer can no longer hold it against an employee who is injured while performing fire department duties).

To watch various Legislative Bills that affect VFDs, go to the IVFA site. Go to the side bar and click on Legislative Session and this will take you to a page with links.

District 17B covers Lawrence, Monroe and Brown counties. Luke would like to see the other counties more involved but hasn’t been able to get contacts from other areas.

District 17B held local elections at this meeting, headed by Jim Abrams. 2009 officers will be:
Luke Kluender-District Chair
Bob Brown-Vice Chair
Steve Nolan-Secretary/Treasurer
LD Martin-Sargent of Arms

50/50 drawing:
Air Evac Hat—Larry Goodwin
Air Evac Hat—Bob Brown
Air Evac Hat (camo)—JR Woods
Hoosier Fire T-Shirt—Larry Goodwin
Polo Shirt— Jim Abrams

$63.00 worth of tickets were sold, $31.50 back to the county wide, $31.50 to Beth Dumond

Next meeting to be held at Shawswick on July 28th.