Lawrence County Firefighters Association
County Wide Meeting June 28, 2010
Shawswick VFD

The meeting was opened with the Pledge of Allegiance, followed by a prayer from Jack V.

Minutes were accepted as submitted.

Financial Report:
Savings= $404.33
Cash = $50
($91 dept made 6/3)
Golf Scramble checks to be deposited=$250
Total as of 6/28=$2372.37

Financial report was accepted as presented.

Sam Craig
Dispatch has asked about the first page of the new mutual aid agreement concerning map information about bridges and such. The Chiefs need to have a meeting about this.

Sam asked if the double toned tone test in May. This was to see if there was a difference between consoles. Some people are still having problems, some pagers still not going off even when the radios do. Possibly need to have ECS service the consoles. Val has the service contract for this, but Sam will call and ask ECS to come and drop all the tones to see who is having a problem. This would best be done after 4pm when most departments have someone in the area to acknowledge the tone.

The county is still using 800 for the post part and seems to be doing OK. Still have some dead spots but not too many. Bloomington seems to have clearer dispatch and Sam found out they wear headsets. He had someone here wear one for a while and it was clearer, but still not as good as Bloomington.

Jason Lewis is trying to get a driver-operator class set up through the training council. For the council to pay for the class there would have to be at least 12 people or 5 different departments included. If there is training you'd lie to have go to the training council website and you can see how to go about setting up a class.

Val will be sending out an e-mail to get more information from each department for the annual NIMS-cast. Some people will need to take some on-line courses. Val was supposed to have more information the Wednesday following this meeting, you can contact her for information. PLEASE MAKE SURE TO BRING NIMS INFORMATION TO THE COUNTY WIDE MEETING 7/26 AT WILLIAMS! Information is needed for grants and to make sure we can keep the equipment we already have from similar grants.

Air Evac
Brandon Robertson passed on thanks and congratulations to the county. Almost every department has completed the SMART Triage training program. If your department has not yet received a SMART Triage kit from the state, you will need to have at least one member of your department attend the training. Please contact Brandon to see if another class will be put on. As Brandon keeps pointing out, it's not a matter of IF we'll ever need it. It's a matter of WHEN we're going to need it.

Air Evac does have the 800 mHz system but doesn't have county specific capability in it. If you need for them to contact you on the 800 system you'll need to have your radio on the 'L' channels (mutual aid channels) You may need to contact Brandon to see what channels they do have.

Still working to set up LZ classes for each department in the county. Please contact Brandon to set up a class for your department.

Dr Frasure (BRMC) asked Air Evac if they do triage prior to arrive to decide if the patient needs to fly. Brandon said no, they get the call, start in flight, then weill question flight after arrival.

Bob Atkins
Bob said the EMT class planned at BRMC was canceled, but will be rescheduled in September. At the last meeting Bob Brown requested longer leads on the AED pads so we can keep the equipment at a safe distance from the (larger) patients. Bob said they found a vendor and are negotiating a prices. Those will be marked just for replacement for VFDs.

Dr. Frasure also offered his thanks to all VFD members for their support and help. He said he'd like to make sure we have what we need and appreciates coming to our meetings.

Bob Brown asked Dr. Frasure and Bob Atkins if the two hospitals could work together to make one set of combined protocols for the county so we'd all be working under the same rules no matter what ambulance was responding. Bob A said BRMC protocols are close to Bloomington and Orange County's. Bob B suggested Bob A call Carla McCain at Dunn and see if they can work together. Bob A said when things at Dunn settle down (new ownership) he will see about it.

BRMC still has several departments listed as being under their protocols but they are now under Dunn's. If your department was previously under BRMC's medical control you will want to check with Bob Atkins to see if your department has submitted a letter of separation informing them of this. Otherwise you are still listed as working under BRMC.

The 4H Fair was held the week of July 10th - July 17th. Both hospitals were asked to donate various medical supplies as well as bottled water, which they did. (Thank you!) This year we were at the fair as medical assistance only. We didn't try to sell tickets or have games.

The Boogie overlapped with the last few days of the fair, starting on the 15th and ending the 17th. Dunn was not going to be at the Boogie this year as ABATE didn't feel they could afford it.

Bob Brown
Golf Scramble 8/28/10
Good news! At the IVFA Convention Bob talked to the person who normally comes to give the gas pipeline training and has gotten a donation of $1800 PLUS a team from Vecten (Gas). With a donation of this size they are being considered a co-sponser of the event. We still need more hole prizes, sponsors and teams. If you have a business in your area that you think might want to sponsor a hole or team please forward their information and I can send them a donation letter. This year there will be no handicapping of the golf scores. The prizes will be drawings this year so everyone has a chance to win the big money.

The County Wide meeting was followed by the IVFA District 17B meeting.

The 50/50 drawing was for the IVFA this month
Shirt--Bob Brown
Seat belt cutters--Luke and Standley
Cash--Bob Brown (donated back to IVFA)

The next County Wide Meeting will be July 26th at Williams.