Lawrence County Firefighters Association

July 24, 2007

Meeting was opened with the Pledge of Allegiance and a Moment of Silence.

Minutes of the June meeting were read and approved.

Mitchell VFD treated us to a soup supper before the July meeting. They’re selling raffle tickets to help fund the proposed skateboard park in Mitchell.

Val reported on the training exercise held 6/28. Air Evac was unable to participate due to the weather. There were still problems with Incident Command but exercises like this help us find out were our weak points are and what we need to work on. She said this was one of the best exercises she’s been involved with.

Steve is still working on getting a wild land fire fighting class in Lawrence County. DNR has been busy this season so it may be in the fall before this can be set up.

The winner of the 50/50 drawing at the 4H Fair was Melissa Day. This year $282 worth of tickets were sold.

A battery and battery box had to be purchased for the first aid trailer before it could be used. Shawswick paid for this and they were reimbursed $53 from the fair cash.

Our half of the raffle was $141 plus the $37 starter cash in the moneybag came up to $178; minus the $53 paid out for the battery left $125. There was enough loose change under the tickets in the bucket to make a $130 deposit into the checking account.

Thank you notes were sent to Sam Craig and Rodney Evans of Lawrence County Tractor for the use of the ATV during the fair.

Danny Gillespie was approached by a member of the fair board about possibly having Firefighter Games one night in the arena, or maybe a kid’s Firefighter Challenge. They are looking for more low-cost activities to bring people to the fair. Butch Chastain suggested contacting someone from Indianapolis where they hosted a large event like this previously. Get with Danny if you have suggestions. If we want to try to do this it will have to be planned early.

We took a vote on what to do with the ambulance donation from the Sheriff’s Department and it was agreed donating it to TOPES would be the best way for it to benefit all departments and would relieve us of the financial responsibility as well as other issues. This would allow them to respond like the old Assist 1. It was also suggested BRMC be asked if this was still acceptable with them as they are the ones who initially donated the ambulance to the Sheriff’s Department. Val will look into re-routing the donation and will also have the attorney for the county see if this is legal and acceptable first.

Danny, Val and Standley Wright will head the planning committee for Fire Prevention Week again this year. As in previous years we will be at WalMart, Monday through Friday, and in the parking lot in front of K-Mart Saturday. This year we’d like to have some items personalized for Lawrence County Firefighters to give out this year. We voted to allow the committee to spend up to $700. A motion was made by Bob Brown and seconded by Dale George. The committee will also contact the State Fire Marshal’s Office to see if there are any freebies to be had.

Danny has suggested before having a simplified form to be used by dispatch to condense the information given over the radio. He suggests:

ATTENTION: (department)

RESPOND TO: (address)

IN REFERENCE TO: (brief description of problem)


If possible a cross street can also be added.

Danny will type up a sample and show it to Sam to see what he thinks.

Val sent out fire surveys again and requests the departments who haven’t filled these out to please do so. This is vital be eligible for federal grants.

Minutes of the county wide meetings will no longer be read during the meeting unless requested. Copies will be available upon request.

Air Evac will be at Williams August 14th at 7:30 for LZ training. Anyone interested in attending is asked to please call Anthony Wadsworth at 276-3551 so they know how many people to expect. The training will be at the Community Building.

The next IVFA meeting will be at Fruitdale Fire Department in Brown County August 14th. Meal to be served at 6:30, meeting will start at 7:30.

The American Legion Post 250 in Mitchell is hosting a fundraiser for Mitchell VFD on August 19th from 12n - ? There will be a dunking booth with several of Mitchell's public officials in it, local businesses have donated items for a tip board and food will be for sale as well.

The next countywide will be hosted by Guthrie and will be held at the Leesville Community Building August 28th.