Lawrence County Firefighters Association
County Wide Meeting July 25, 2010
Williams Community Building

The meeting was opened with the Pledge of Allegiance, followed by a Moment of Silence

Minutes were accepted as submitted.

Financial Report:
Savings= $404.50
Cash = $50
Total of $2,122.37
(these totals do NOT include any of the Golf Scramble money, I won't deposit it until right before the Scramble)

Financial report was accepted as presented.

Sam Craig
Arson cases are starting up again in the Knob Creek area. The last one was in December and it looks like they're starting again. The Sheriff's Department is investigating again. The Sheriff's Department is getting ready to start recruiting reserve officers again, hopefully about 10. If anyone is interested please contact Sam. He'd like to get recruits by word of mouth rather then running an ad in the paper. Some changes might be taking place in the department over the next few weeks. These changes are going to be made, and see if there are any improvements, and Sam will go from there. The County Council is going to be starting budget meetings soon and they'll be addressing the Public Safety fund. Some of the money has been used to pay for Jail utilities, medical expenses for inmates, and other bills previously paid from the general fund. If the public safety money hadn't been there then it would be likely that deputies/officers would have faced lay-offs to be able to cover the other expenses. Dispatchers and jailers would not have been affected.

Bob Brown asked Sam about some time lapses between the original call and departments being toned out. (up to 10 minutes in some cases) Sam asked Bob to please look on the run sheets to find out the date and shift so he can look into the incident and address the problem.

The Sheriff's department is still watching for radio issues. Please let Sam know if you have an issue so it can be checked and fixed before there's a problem.

Valerie needs a list of the winners of the weather radios given out at the fair. She also needs NIMS cast information from each department. If you haven't gotten this information to Val please do so ASAP. If she doesn't have this information it could prevent us from getting more equipment, and we could possibly lose some we already have. Please contact her if you need help.

There have been some new levels added to NIMS, now available on-line. Some will only have to be taken by those designated to be Public Information Officer, Communications Officer, Resource Manager, etc. More information about these courses are available at this link: or contact Val for more information.

Steve asked Val about a bridge accumulation fund, which Val said is almost wiped out. Dunn Bridge is in need of repairs and Steve says if this is closed it could cause problems for responders in Pleasant Run.

Air Evac--Brandon
Brandon pointed out AE has been flying into Lawrence County a lot lately and they appreciate our early activation of them to our incidents. This is helping keep our patients within their 'Golden Hour' for advanced treatment. They'd still like to see about working out a system where it only took one call to activate them instead of the several calls now needed. One call alerts are ideal for saving time, and time saved for activation is time that can be spent in transport if needed.

LZ classes are still being set up for individual departments in the county. Please contact Brandon if you'd like to set up a class for your department.

Luke went over a few things from the convention and said an IVFA Officers meeting would be held in August. Budget meetings are coming up and Luke has been getting information on the County Wide's opinion of the LOIT tax and how it's being dispersed. We won't know anything until after the meetings, Luke will keep us updated.

IVFA dues were to be sent in before the end of July. Please be reminded to qualify for full benefits you have to be shown as being paid in full and on time for 3 years. If your dues are sent in late, you're benefits will be reduced until you've paid on time for the next 3 years.

'Beyond Titles and Vests' was presented at the Dunn Education room the Wednesday night after this meeting. This session points out 92% of firefighter deaths are due to a lack of incident command. Bob recommends this to anyone who has an opportunity to attend.

County Wide decal
Bob has been working with Marketing Matters to see about creating a Lawrence County Firefighters window decal. If 250 were ordered they would cost apx $2.75 each. Would anyone be interested in ordering these? Please see attached picture.

The August meeting will be the week before the golf scramble. There are still openings for teams and we still need hole sponsors. We haven't had nearly as many sponsors this year as we had last year. If anyone can think of a business you think would sponsor a hole please let me know and I can forward a sponsorship letter.

Someone from Monroe County Indian Creek Fire Department came to the District 8 meeting. They wanted to clear the air about Lawrence County not requesting their help. They do have Indiana State numbers and can run municipal plates. They have been asked to provide training & status information to Lawrence County so we could decide if we wanted to accept their help if offered, but we're still not requesting their help until this information has been provided OR if the State Fire Marshall clears them with us. He said they aren't certified and any department they help will be liable for any for any incidents or accidents. This is still a subscription department meaning they are funded only by donation, no tax draw money, and they are only 1 of 2 subscription departments in the state.

Pump Testing
There were some problems with the company used last year--Fire Service, Inc--No problems with the guy doing the testing but there were problems with the guy they sent to work on the trucks after testing. If the county schedules testing together like last year the test will be $125 per truck with no travel expense this year. If done separately it would likely cost $200 per truck plus travel expenses, so doing this as a county helps keep costs down for everyone. This is needed to keep your ISO ratings up. Interested departments need to contact Bob Brown.

Steve Nolan
Pleasant Run VFD applied for a Lawrence County Foundation Grant to purchase a 'Safe House' to be used for fire safety education. This item exceeds the grant maximum amount, so it was approved by the Foundation as a 'Challenge Grant'; meaning they will receive 50% of the total cost and must raise the remaining 50% through the community. The Safe House costs $7400 and the Foundation grant was for $3700. Part of the additional money has been raised, but they still need an additional $1900. Steve wanted to see if the County Wide, or any Department in the County, would like to make a donation to this purchase. It would be made available to other departments, and would be used at Fire Prevention presentations both in Pleasant Run and for the County. A motion was made and a vote taken to donate $500 to this purchase. The Safe House comes with smoke machine and other props. Please go to this link to view.

Pleasant Run is hosting a Poker Run fund raiser Labor Day weekend--Saturday September 4th. The route chosen will take the riders to each fire department in the county for a card pick-up. Steve asked if each department could have someone present at their fire house to do this. Please contact Steve Nolan for more details and to let him know if your department can commit to this.

Air Evac hats were won by Standley Wright, Steve Nolan, Tony Lynch, Jack Voigtschild and LD Martin (sort of... ) 50/50 pot equaled $35 and was won by Tony Lynch, who donated his winnings back to the County Wide. (thanks Tony!)

The next meeting will be Monday August 23rd at Perry Township VFD.