July County Wide
Huron VFD

Jaime was unable to attend the meeting due to a family emergency. Carol Goodwin took notes in her absence. No financial report was available.

Meeting was started with the Pledge of Allegiance followed by a prayer from Boomer Christy.

Sam Craig
Sam asked if anyone had any comments on the helicopter dispatch protocols. Bob has sent off a letter of understanding to the various air services but still needs to send one to Air Evac. Val had the contact information he needed and it will be sent off for their signature. The protocol is currently in place but does need to be signed off to be called ‘official’.

The Chiefs were asked to stay after the meeting to discuss Burn Ban protocols to be put into place for the county. This agreement is being put into place to allow the county to assess fines for illegal burns. (Fines to be determined by the judge, up to $2500) These fines will be placed in a fund to be used by the County Wide Association for Fire Equipment and Education. Some wording was revised to make sure this is a non-reverting fund (the money will remain in the fund instead of going to the county’s general fund at the end of each year). A meeting must be held, minutes submitted, and a vote taken before any of these funds can be spent. Val will be revising the document and taking it to the next council meeting.

Luke asked Sam if the water companies in the area were to call dispatch and let them know before cutting off service to any area. He’d like to see if there is a way for the water companies to keep us informed when areas will be without water so departments can make alternate arrangements for water if needed. The same question was asked about the highway department. Sometimes road closing are listed in the paper, but not everyone in the county reads the paper. Would it be possible for these departments to inform Dispatch so this information can be toned a day or two in advance so we know?

Indian Creek mentioned problems with 3rd Shift Dispatch on a recent run. Dispatch didn’t give the full address when the run was toned. Sam will check tapes of the transmission and see who it was. He’ll bring this up during the next Dispatch meeting.

Faxes are not always being sent. Departments understand when Dispatch is busy it might take a while to get these, but some aren’t showing up at all. And some departments have received ‘clusters’ of faxes from other departments, but not theirs. Again, Sam will look into this and see if it was an equipment issue (they have new fax machines) or if it was human error.

Val needs NIMS cast information! She needs information concerning number and type of truck (engine, tanker, tender, rescue…); pump size; water capacity; and number of personal each vehicle will seat. Please get this to her ASAP to make sure we don’t have a disruption in any grants that might be affected by this.

Luke—LOIT tax.
This is still in the works. Luke went to the Commissioners meeting to present information. This will have to be worked out on a contract to be able to get for the next budget. The format was fine, but there still needs to be a payment schedule. Trustees will need to sign the contract from the county for the money to be distributed. The Council will start on budget meetings next week. Commissioners can’t sign contract until the Council agrees or the County Wide can (legally) go after the Commissioners for payment. The money was already budgeted for this year, but next year will have to be a contracted payment.

Fair Week
Reports say it went well this year. Steve asked if each department could let him know how many people were treated each night and for what. LD said he treated several people during the day (during stock shows) when there was no official coverage. If departments could please forward their numbers to Steve it would be appreciated.

Boomer is back and said he was ready when called to the Crest Hotel fire. He had 2 cases of ice packs ready and got more from Marshall and the hospitals. A VERY good item for him to keep in stock during hot weather. Everyone said both Boomer and the ambulances responding to this incident needed to be praised for their work. They kept FF’s re-habbed during this fire. Considering the heat that day, it was no small feat. There wasn’t much accountability in place during this fire. This needs to be worked on by each department so it will be easier to do as a group when we’re called to multi-departmental incidents.

A motion was made for the County Wide to make a donation to TOPES in the amount of $500. Motion was made, seconded, and passed.

IVFA dues need to be postmarked before the 31st to avoid any lapses in membership benefits. Several departments had not yet paid and need to do so ASAP to avoid problems.

District 17B
The next IVFA meeting for District 17B will be on Wednesday, August 10th at Shawswick Station 3. Food to be served at 6:30, meeting to start at 7:00. Bob would like to see a representative from each department at this meeting. IVFAA (Auxiliary) will be present to talk about benefits of being in the Auxiliary. It isn’t considered a ladies organization. Membership carries the same benefits as being a member of the IVFA. Persons belonging to both IVFA and IVFAA receive both sets of benefits. Bob said he thought the dues were just $5. More information will be available at this meeting.

Golf Scramble
Each department was asked to get 3 hole sponsors this year. Vectron did NOT make a sponsorship donation as they did last year, so we have no co-sponsor. This means more of an expense and less profit for the event. Bob would also like to see a team from each department entered in the scramble. Deadline for hole sponsors is 8/20. The scramble will be held on Saturday, August 27th. If you have any sponsors please forward them to Jamie and she will forward to Val to get them on this year’s banner.

District 8
There was an issue that has been straightened out about using the training tower. If there is NO live burn, you are NOT required to have an ambulance staged at the tower. If you are going to have a live burn, an ambulance crew must be present at all times during that training. One of the hospitals did say they could have an ambulance staged at the tower, but they would have to leave if called out; training would have to stop until they returned (or another crew was freed up to stage there). Orange County could come up for a fee, but District 8 won’t cover that expense—it isn’t part of the allowed budget. To use the tower you do have to get the key from Bedford Fire. You can smoke it up and use it with no actual fire, without having to have an ambulance, but you still have to fill out a liability form before you can use it. We are only allowed to use the tower for training if it is less than 85°--with or without fire.

Fire Prevention
LD was asked to talk to Tractor Supply again and see if we could have Fire Prevention there this year. Luke asked about getting smoke alarm batteries again this year to hand out during Fire Prevention. Steve suggested contacting Duracell to see if we could get some donated through their free batteries for FD’s program. Several departments have already requested and received free batteries. Any department can request the free batteries by going to their website. When purchasing batteries for personal use, please make sure to look for the specially marked packages (Maltese Cross on the front) to help support this program.

Upcoming Events---
8/13 — Pleasant Run Poker Run. The bike ride will be on larger roads this year due to the number of bikers expected. There will be the poker run, bands, fireworks, and a car show. Starts at noon at the Pleasant Run Park. The ride will start at 130. Josh Davis is in charge of this.

Persimmon Festival
Larry Hardman said this year the festival will be honoring VFD’s. In particular; they would like to recognize longtime Mitchell Fire Chief (retired) Larry Caudell as well as the late Jimmy Zeeks, former Chief of Marion Fire Department. They would like to see a truck from each department. Registration is due by 9/1.

Oolitic will be having their annual Firefighters Ball, but there was no additional information available during the meeting. The Oolitic Town Fair is also coming up.

Pump Testing
Bob contacted Fire Services, Inc to see about annual pump testing and they are going to try to schedule this for the 2nd week of September. Cost will be $125 each. Please contact Bob ASAP and let him know how many trucks you would like to test so they can determine how many days will be needed. This could possibly be another 3 day year. This will be held at Shawswick Station 1 and takes about 1 ½ to 2 hours for each unit tested. Annual certification is strongly suggested to avoid any legal liability issues.

Chad Hayes---Marshall Township
Marshall has 1 SCBA tank and 1 light pack that isn’t theirs. They are missing 1 pike pole and 1 halogen tool. If you are missing something, or found something extra after the fire, please contact Chad.

Shawswick has had their repeater changed to narrow band, here are the new frequencies:

Receive - 154.340
Transmit - 158.910
PL tone is 136.5.

If you have a repeater you have to go to narrow band by next year (2012). Some equipment will become obsolete if you don’t. If you have questions about this contact Bob or Val.

50/50 drawing
A total of $43 in tickets were sold. The winner was Sam Craig and he donated his winnings ($21.50) back to the County Wide. (Thanks, Sam!)