Lawrence County Firefighters Association
August 26, 2008
Perry Township

Meeting was opened with the Pledge of Allegiance and a moment of silence.
The minutes of the July meeting were sent out prior to the August meeting. Luke made a motion to accept the minutes as presented and Jack seconded the motion. Minutes were accepted as presented.

Financial report will have to be presented at the meeting. I have no internet at home and I don’t want to access the bank from work. Sorry! I’ll send that out when I can get to it.

LD made a motion to accept the treasurer’s report as presented, Jack seconded the motion. Treasurer’s report was accepted.

Fire Prevention – School Program

I asked Val to fill everyone in on the details. The program to be presented at the schools will be “Are You a Fire Smart 5th Grader” and is formatted like Are You Smarter Then a 5th Grader. There will be an educational portion presented prior to the game and a script is being created for the program so nobody has to make anything up as they go.
The usual Fire Prevention dinner will be in the evening this year instead of during the school day so the parents of the poster contest winners can also attend.
Another meeting was held at Bedford Fire on Tuesday, September 16 and we now have a better idea of how it will all be laid out. There will be a ‘dry run’ of the program later this month and I’ll pass the time and date along once they decide when it will be. The school program is as follows:

Monday October 6th:
8:30 am - St. Vincent/SCCA
10:00 - Stalker
Noon - Lunch at Fayetteville
1:00 pm Program at Fayetteville School---Indian Creek (and other assisting departments)

Tuesday October 7th:
8:30 - Parkview Int/Primary
12:30 - Lunch
1:15 - Lincoln

Wednesday October 8th:
8:30 am - Shawswick
10:00 am - Heltonville - Pleasant Run
11:30 lunch
(Shawswick, Pleasant Run and assisting departments)

Thursday October 9th:
8:30 am - Dollens — Oolitic
10:00 am - Needmore — Marshall
11:30 - Lunch at Springville
1:00pm — Program at Springville — Perry Township
(Oolitic, Marshall and Perry will all be assisting with the programs)

Friday October 10th:
8:45 am - Hatfield
1:30 pm - Burris
(Mitchell and Marion + assisting departments)

If you or your department doesn’t have a school in your area and would like to help with the program please let me know.

Fire Prevention – Carnival

The carnival will be Saturday, October 11th from noon to 3 pm. We’re asking each department to send a truck and a game like last year and to provide candy as prizes. It was approved to spend $300 on Fire Prevention related items to be given out also. LD made the motion and Micah seconded. I will look into what we can get and get it ordered. **Order has arrived!**

So far the committee consists of Jack. Standley was on the committee but will be unable to help much from his crutches. If anyone would like to volunteer to assist Jack with this please let him know.
We decided rather then having the departments go out all through the week we’d concentrate on the carnival and the school program.
It was decided to rent an inflatable Jumping House again this year, but not the obstacle course. Jack made the motion and Larry seconded. I will contact Family Celebrations and make the arrangements. **Jumping house reserved!**
LD will contact the manager of the Towne Square shopping center to see if we can have the carnival at the empty Buy-Low end this year to avoid disrupting the car show held later that evening.
Luke suggested ordering smoke detector batteries again this year. He can get 600 for 50 cents each. The County Wide agreed to pay the cost and hope the insurance agents will make donations again this year to reimburse the costs. Carol made a motion to make the purchase and LD seconded the motion. Lana Huffman was at the meeting with a $50 donation toward this purchase.


With Tim Deckard moving into the position of IVFA President at the first of the year a District 17B Chairman was needed. The meeting was held in July and the new Dist. 17B officers are as follows: Luke K------District Chair; Bob Brown-Vice Chair and Steve Nolan Secretary/Treasurer.
Departments are encouraged to start sending representatives to the area meetings to be able to keep their departments informed of what is happening with the Fire Service statewide. Our new officers will try to sit down and create a calendar to set the date and location of each monthly meeting at the first of the year (like we do) so everyone will know ahead of time.
The IVFA also has a new lobbiest this year, Roger Johnson. He is supposed to be really good. This is the person who will basically watch out for our interests. He’ll attend various meetings and votes and keep the IVFA informed about what is going on with fire service policies and such. Lana has a meeting set up with Roger and Tim Deckard in September.
New IDHS identification numbers are being issued by the state. It is a new PSID (Public Safety ID). This will be for both fire and medical certifications. Numbers are still being issued for some people who are no longer on departments so it might take a while for all of them to be issued.
New ERGs are available. Please call Val and let her know how many you need and she’ll get them ready for you.

Central Dispatch

No details yet. Could go with 2 locations. One for Bedford and one for the county. Mitchell 911 would be transferred to the county. 911 money is going to be more strictly monitored by the state. It will only be allowed to be used for equipment upkeep and dispatchers. Still in the planning stages.

Tony Siedl from the Sheriff’s Department gave a talk on preserving a crime scene. He provided a handout with an outline of VFD and LCPD Scene Responsibilities:

Presumable Objectives:

VFD: Provide emergency medical response and Fire Suppression 24/7. Emergency medical response includes preservation of life, incident stabilization and property conservation to minimize personal injury, loss of life and/or property loss.

LCPD: Preserve the integrity of the scene in order to identify, collect and preserve information and/or evidence to determine what happened, how it happened and who is responsible.

Overlapping Circumstances: ONE CHANCE to get it right.

To be jointly successful both agencies need to recognize and be aware of the essential differences of our responsibilities.

My request of VFD First Responders is the same as LCPD First Responders:

1. Beware of the circumstances of the call.
2. Be observant while in route (individuals, vehicles encountered)
3. Be observant upon arrival (individuals present, activities and statements of bystanders/witnesses, physical locations of items, general observations at the scene)
4. Take precautions to protect self, victims, others and scenes.
5. Be aware of actions and consequences of actions (manipulate the scene as little as possible)
He pointed out that sometimes what we don’t think would have an effect on a crime scene could throw and investigation in the wrong direction. Even a cigarette butt can point the police in the wrong direction during an investigation. We need to be mindful of where we step, what we move, and what we leave behind. What we do can cause false leads. If we’ve rolled a patient to be able to treat them we need to be able to tell the police how they were laying when we got there. Did we move anything else out of the way while we were working? Where did we enter the scene? Where there other doors or windows already open? There are things we see that don’t mean anything to us, but could mean a lot to the people investigating.
Trace evidence disappears quickly and is time sensitive information.

$61 was raised for the 50/50 drawing and Micah Keith was the winner. He donated his winnings of $30.50 back to the countywide fund. Thanks Micah!

EMS Day—The Festival starts with the usual Mock Accident in front of the high school at noon. EMS Equipment Show from noon to 3 pm in the field west of the baseball field at the high school. All departments are invited to bring a truck and spend the afternoon.

Marion Twp. Pork dinner Tuesday, September 23rd at the food tent on Main Street in Mitchell starts at 4:30. $6 for adults, $3 for kids.

Huron will be having a Bean Supper and Raffle October 4th from 4 to 8 (or when the food runs out!) $5 for adults, $3 for kids 4-10, kids 3 and under are free. All you can eat, with drink and dessert included.

If anyone is having any training to share or a fundraiser please let me know so I can get it out to the rest of the county.