Lawrence County Firefighters Association
August 25, 2009
Oolitic VFD

Meeting was opened with the Pledge of Allegiance and a moment of silence.
A motion was made to accept the minutes of the last meeting, held at Shawswick VFD in July.
Minutes were accepted as sent.

Financial Report for Sept, 2009:
Available Checking: $453.21
Available Savings: $312.62
Cash on hand: $457.42
Total Funds: $1223.25

Minutes of the last meeting were accepted as sent.
Financial report was accepted as presented.

Fire Prevention--Bedford Fire
Scott Gillespie from Bedford Fire was at the meeting to talk about changes in the Fire Prevention program this year due to lack of response to solicitation letters. The budget has been revised and Bedford Fire will be unable to go to all the schools this year. There will still be a poster contest and Fire Prevention Dinner and it will be held in the evening again this year. This year BFD will probably only go to the City schools and will likely go to the classrooms for a talk about fire prevention rather than having an assembly and program as they have in previous years. Hopefully the VFDs can do some kind of school program this year. If the VFDs would like to use any props BFD has they are welcome to do so. They can also help with some program ideas. There will be a planning meeting held by Bedford Fire in the next couple of weeks and information will be sent out as soon as it’s available. (We can also borrow Sparky for the FP Carnival this year)

Fire Prevention--Carnival
LD has talked to the manger at Tractor Supply and got the OK for us to have the carnival there this year. Fire Prevention Carnival will be on Saturday, October 10th in from 12 to 3. This year we will also have a dunking booth, to be manned by the department chiefs. The chiefs attending agreed to be dunked! If your chief was not present at the Aug meeting, SORRY! They're still getting dunked, please bring a towel and a camera. :) Each department is encouraged to bring a truck. Air Evac will be asked to land if possible and be part of the activities. Each department is asked to bring a game, as we have in the last few years. It was suggested each department donate $25 to purchase fire prevention / education materials to hand out like we did last year. With each department donating it was suggested spending $250 on items. Carol will order. Departments are still encouraged to also bring candy to give out as prizes to repeat game players so the purchased items can be spread out to as many kids as possible. Also need to get a flier out to the schools telling about activities this year. We also decided not to rent an inflatable jumping house this year.

9/11 Open House
The Bedford Fire Departments will be having their annual 9/11 open house and this year it will include the new training tower. The open house will be from 6-8. Any VFDs that would like to participate can come in uniform to the tower. More details will be sent from Chief Gillespie, I’ll forward them as they become available.

Free Health Screenings
Eace Roberts and Bonita Struck (an RN with the Health Department) attended our meeting to ask if the VFDs would be interested in hosting health screenings for their communities at their departments. This allows them to get out in the communities and help provide some basic wellness testing. They would send their mobile units to the fire departments and provide various testing there, free of charge. They would really like it if the flu vaccines were available soon enough to be able to provide those when they came out. They can coordinate with us and possibly do this during our fire prevention carnival also. This would be sponsored by the LCFFA partnered with the hospital. The hospital would even pay for the advertising. Various tests could include BP, sugar testing, and cholesterol. If there are any specific tests we’d have in mind just let them know and they’ll tell us if it’s possible or not. They’re also willing to come to our fundraisers. They would come and spend a couple of hours testing and there is the possibility a doctor could be present also. The hospital would like to see this as an annual event.

Eace and Bonita also talked to us about Firefighter physicals and fit testing. They are working to see if there is some possible funding to help cover department costs. More information will be forwarded as information is made available. These take around 45 - 60 minutes and are VERY thorough. These physicals help catch health issues before they can cause problems. Hopefully, if funding becomes available this could be done as a county wide effort.

Lona Huffman came to the meeting to say hello and pointed out that if a department decided to have one of the health clinics they needed to request they are listed as 'additional insured' for the event. This would release the department from liability if someone had a reaction to something from the health clinic.

Golf Scramble
The Golf Scramble could still use some more teams, sponsors, and donors. If anyone can get any of these please do so! Contact Bob or Carol with information. Val will make a banner for the scramble with the sponsors and donors listed, this can be used during other county wide events to help advertise for them for helping us out. Micah Keith's wife has assisted with getting drinks donated for the scramble. (you can bring beer, but none will be sold by the county wide or the golf course) J-Rock golf course has donated 4 jackets to be used for hole prizes. Volunteers are needed to help with food and drinks after the scramble. Please let Bob or Carol know if you'll be able to help.

Firefighters Ball--Oolitic Aug. 14th from 7-11 at the UAW hall in Bedford. Food and drinks provided, tickets will be sold for drawings. No alcohol will be available this year. $15 per couple.

Oolitic Festival Saturday, Sept 12th. Parade is at 2 pm. Oolitic VFD will have their annual Hog Roast at 5. Fireworks later that night.

The county wide shirts should be ready before the golf scramble. Departments will be called as they arrive and each department will be invoiced separately.

EMS training this year Dunn will be putting on an EMT class starting this fall. Details will be sent out as soon as I get them.

Is there any department interested in a First Responder class? The last one planned was canceled because of lack of students. It had been planned as a Saturday class. If there is any interest in a First Responder class please forward your information to me and I'll forward to Jim. 15 students are needed for this class. Also, please specify if you are interested in a Saturday class or 2 evenings through the week.

Jim said the EMS classifications are possibly going to be revamped by the state. First Responders would have a new name. I'd read somewhere they'd be classified as EMR-Emergency Medical Responders, but I won't swear to it.
EMT would also be reclassified/revamped
EMT-A would be gone
EMT-I would become a Medic
This is still speculation until the state/feds decide on something.

The drawings this month--
Hoosier Fire T-Shirt---Carol Goodwin
50/50 -- Mike Magnus ($55 for him/$55 for the county wide)

The next meeting will be at Guthrie on Sept 22nd.

Upcoming fundraisers---Please forward any fundraiser information to me and I'll get it out to the county.

Huron VFD Annual Bean Supper---Saturday Oct 3rd from 4-8. Will also be selling raffle tickets and taking up Rada knife orders.

Pleasant Run VFD Fish Fry--Oct 17th

Shawswick VFD Haunted Hayride--Friday and Saturdays--October 16th / 17th and again 23rd / 24th.