Lawrence County Firefighters Association
County Wide Meeting August 23, 2010
Perry VFD

The meeting was opened with the Pledge of Allegiance, followed by a Moment of Silence

Minutes were accepted as submitted.

Financial Report:
Savings= $404.50
Cash = $85.00
Total of $1657.54
Marketing Matters check for $292.42 has not been subtracted from these totals.

Financial report was accepted as presented.

Air Evac-Brandon Robertson
Getting calls about what would be best for VFD's and patients in our county. Currently it seems to be: Responder on scene contacts Fire Base --> Fire Base contacts the responding ambulance service for air service. This delays notification/activation of any air service. Would then request to go to IHERN, which doesn't help much when everyone is using 800 radios or VHF. The ambulances aren't able to give information to the air crew. The air unit coming in needs to be in contact with the ICS and they need to help get them on the ground and give patient updates. There is a new suggested criteria to have VFD, 47 unit, or family on scene to request to activate air service. This gives more treatment time to the patient. If the ambulance arrives and doesn't feel the patient needs to be air lifted the Air Evac can be cancelled---No problem---no bill---no cost.

Air Evac out of Paoli is the closest air provider to Lawrence County
2nd - Lifeline out of Columbus IN
3rd - St Vincent Statflight out of North Vernon, IN
4th - Air Methods out of Louisville, KY
Currently, St. V/Dunn has to contact PHI 1st per their protocol.

Would like to have ICS set up to give the air crew a contact person on the ground to provide IC for LZ. When VFD responds to an accident or medical problem we respond as EMS-BLS Non-Transport providers and the BLS certifications gives us the power/rights to request air service. Every VFD in Law. Co. is staffed with EMS that should be able to request air service without asking permission, and without wasting 3-5 minutes on radio time, to get a hot load on scene. VFD will handle the landing zone, EMS/Ambulance will be busy with the patient.
With Air Evac, if the unit out of Paoli is busy, the next closest unit is in Brazil. Air Evac will tell them to call the next closest provider. They won't send another AE unit if PHI is closer. Dispatch can't just automatically call Air Evac. They can just relay information/requests to the responding ambulance service. This is a problem that needs to be addressed and added to the County Wide SOP. Sam wants to see something in writing. The VFD is in charge of the patient until the ambulance arrives. If the VFD has requested air service and the ambulance says it isn't needed, the responding ambulance service is the one making the call and it is no longer the responsibility of the VFD. There is already a draft SOP in process with all air providers for the closest available air service to be dispatched. If the closest unit isn't dispatched then the provider making the call will be in violation of this SOP. Dispatchers are to send the closest available unit, the decision is not to be based on provider or service. Val will set up a meeting in September for Air Providers, County Wide, and Dispatch so this can be worked out.

LZ Kits
The two kits purchased by the EMA earlier this year were going to be given to each ambulance service. It was decided to give this out to VFDs instead. They are now with Shawswick and Indian Creek. If you need one of the kits please ask dispatch to tone whichever department is closest and request the LZ kit be brought to your scene.

Sam Craig
According to a prior agreement (1992) if a majority of the chiefs in the county call for a burn ban the Sheriff can issue a ban. This shouldn't have anything to do with the county commissioners. But we do need to have the SOP or official process from the State for Sam to be able to issue a ban. (the Indiana Code) Then the 47 unit on scene has to enforce the ban when there is one. Bob will get a copy of the state ordinance and get it to Sam. We want to make sure all townships are in agreement as to how burn bans are handled.

Val and Sam - Radios
Sheriff's Department is going to a narrow band----analog---and possibly next year go digital. Bedford has already gone digital. If radios can be switched over to digital they can copy to Bedford but won't be able to get VFD. Radios purchased in the last 4-5 years might have narrow band capabilities but will need to be reprogrammed. Although it won't be required until 2012, it's suggested to do this ASAP so there won't be a last minute rush to get things done. A new license will be necessary for the narrow band and everyone's repeaters, or you'll be fined. We will need to address as a County Wide to get the County Wide repeater updated and ECS will be the ones to do the work.

Sam also said if you have an issue you'd like to talk to him about but don't want to go through dispatch to do it, please call his desk. 275-6705 and leave a message if he isn't there to answer. He will get back with you.

Luke---Local Government Reform and Effect on Local Emergency Services.
Went to the last quarterly IVFA meeting in Indy. There are still concerns about losing trustees and local government. The next IVFA paper will list who is up for election in our area. This will allow everyone the change to see who is running and how they feel about the proposed changes prior to elections.

New District 8 Training Coordinator-Jeff Combs.
Jeff attended a meeting last week to work on a tentative schedule of classes to be available for the next year in our district. He does need a list of all instructors in the area. All will need to re-apply to be able to be paid for training services. Driver-Operator and Technical Rescue Awareness are both planned. (Tech Aws is required for any technical rescue operations level classes) Fire Officer Strategy and Tactics will be coming up at Shawswick at the first of the year and Fire Officer in the spring. The State is still working on being able to present training with 'webinare' available. This allows people who aren't able to attend class to have the actual class session available on line. It does require some interaction and is timed so you can't just log in and log out. You will need a high speed connection for this. Practicals will still have to be completed at a state facility (training tower) as a group. The Bedford Fire Training Room would be available for groups to do this. You just have to sign up to make sure the space is available. More information on that will need to be acquired from Val. Practicals are no longer as an individual, but in teams. So if any critical criteria steps are missed, the entire group is failed.

Buy-Low is now IGA. They are having a grand re-opening for October and would like the County Wide to put on a cook out on Saturday, October 9th, which is our usual Fire Prevention Saturday Carnival. This would be a fundraiser for us. It would be from 11 to 3, and we'd still hand out the usual fire prevention materials and smoke alarm batteries. More information will be available about this at the September meeting.

Val could not provide banner material for the Golf Scramble banner this year. She did get it for us at a discounted rate from Johnny's Signs.

First Responder
BRMC is offering a class from Oct 5th thru Nov 11th. Cost of the class is $200 and this includes books. CPR certification is required and this class is being offered at BRMC on Saturday, Oct. 2nd. A notice has already been sent out about this, but for more information please contact Ken Fahr at 278-5220.

Bean Supper
Huron VFD will be having their annual all you can eat bean supper Saturday October 2nd (I think from 4 to 7 or 8) More details will be forwarded when available.

Air Evac hats--Jack, Steve
Air Evac shirts--LD, LD and Levi
$66 in tickets were sold, $33 for the county wide and $33 for the winner.
Val had the winning ticket and donated it back to the county wide. (Thanks Val!)

The next county wide meeting will be Monday, September 27th at Guthrie. (Leesville Community Center) at 7pm.