Lawrence County Firefighters Association

September 25, 2007
Perry Township

Meeting was opened with the Pledge of Allegiance and a Moment of Silence.

The minutes of the August meeting were sent out prior to the September meeting and were accepted as sent.

Financial Report as of August 29th:
Savings balance: $1554.96
Checking balance: $480.00
We do have one check for $200 written to Family Celebrations for Fire Prevention Week that hasn't cleared the bank yet.

Fire Prevention week October 8th-13th.

This year's theme is "Know Your Escape Route". We'll be setting up at K-Mart this year for the whole week. Monday thru Friday from 6-9. Departments are asked to provide a couple of members and a truck on the nights they are scheduled.

Monday: Pleasant Run and Marion
Tuesday: Indiana Creek and Williams
Wednesday: Perry and Mitchell
Thursday: Huron and Oolitic
Friday: Shawswick, Marshall, and Guthrie

Saturday the Kid's Carnival will be in front of K-mart as usual. Valerie has already sent out a copy of the layout for the inflatables and how we'll set the games up around it. Please be there to set up by 11:30. The games will run from 12 to 3. Val will have some items to give out, but please bring candy to give away also. If you don't have a game please Max Peters (actually his wife) has access to games but please make arrangements ahead of time if you need one.

Luke has received donations from some insurance offices for the purchase of 9 volt batteries for smoke detectors. He came up with the idea of 'selling' the batteries for $1. With the battery they receive a ticket for the 50/50 drawing. Or if they don't want to buy a battery then they can buy the ticket.

Val has sent out a new Resource Typing worksheet. This is by State request so please get those filled out ASAP and return to her.

Perry will be putting on a First Responder class. It will be on Tuesday and Thursday nights and 2 Saturdays. Dates to be announced.

Dunn is putting on an EMT-B class starting November 3rd and ending April 27th. Classes will be Monday and Thursday from 6-10. Class is limited to 15 people. Cost is $650 for the general public and $500 for Fire Department Members. Please contact Jim McFarlan or Rodney Taylor at Dunn to sign up.

Although the ban was still on at the time of the meeting the burn ban has now been lifted.

District 8 Information:

The Fire Training Council is waiting on the funding to arrive but seems to be moving along. Once this goes into affect then fire classes and training materials will be free. This will be paid for by the Department of Homeland Security. Hopefully the first year 3 mandatory classes and 3 Firefighter I & II classes will be available. This will include HazMat, SIDS, and airborne and other training. They are also hoping for HazMat Tech classes. Departments will still be able to put on classes themselves but testing materials from the state will still be required. And the state trailer will be required for the practicals. Once the training districts are all set there should be 10 statewide. Budgets will be approved for 3 years at a time. The budget for our district has already been approved.

The next District 8 meeting will be at Columbus City Hall on October 16th at 7pm.

The next meeting will be at Marshall Township on October 23rd.

November will be election of officers. Please be prepared for nominations.


(If your department has a fundraiser going on or coming up, please let me know so I can get the word out)

Perry will be having a Tractor Show on October 5th and 6th. Friday night will be from 6-? Saturday will be all day. The day starts with an 8am pancake breakfast at the old gym. There will be food and music all day. A tractor show and tractor pull.

Pleasant Run will be having their annual Fish Fry October 20th from 12-6.

Guthrie will also be having a Fish Fry October 20th from 11-6 at the Emmanuel Lutheran Church across from B&D Market in Leesville.

Shawswick will be having their Haunted Hayride October 19th & 20th and again October 26th & 27th from 6 to 11. They'll also have their annual Safe Night from 6-9 on October 31st.