Lawrence County Firefighters Association
September 23, 2008
Guthrie Township

Meeting was opened with the Pledge of Allegiance and a moment of silence. The minutes of the August meeting were sent out prior to the September meeting and were accepted as presented.

Financial Report:
Available Checking: $55.03
Available Savings: $1058.42
Cash on hand: $32
(I deposited the cash when I deposited the Fire Prevention Donations)

Donations made toward the purchase of batteries for Fire Prevention:
Indian Creek Fire Department: $50.00
Justin Inman: (Shelter Insurance, Inman Agency)$100.00
Other donations received after the meeting:
Brian Pierce (Pierce Automotive) $100
Fred Barger (State Farm) $50
Dave Torphy (State Farm) $50

The batteries are in, but this year they didn’t come on the same board as last year. Last year’s batteries were specifically marked as smoke detector batteries and this year they were just single pack batteries. Luke suggested copying the board from one of last year’s batteries and attaching the page to the batteries before they are handed out. He also suggested adding the names of the sponsors to the sheet some kind of letter head showing they came from us. These batteries will be distributed to 3rd graders during the fire prevention school programs.

The Fire Prevention Carnival will have to be moved down in front of the old Buy Low building this year due to a large car show in front of K-Mart that day. We will have to carry our own insurance for this event. Steve has been in touch with Lona Huffman from Jones & Associates and found out it would be a little over $500 just for a single day event, but we could have a full year of event coverage that would be around $750. This would cover us for the carnival as well as our meetings, the 4H Fair and any other events we might have. We will re-evaluate the coverage and our finances before renewing this coverage next year. We might have to start asking each department to make a donation toward continuing the coverage, but will wait and see if we can come up with some other fundraisers besides our monthly 50/50 drawing and go from there.

The schools all seem to be covered for the Fire Prevention Program. Those involved from Bedford Fire have tested the props and decided everything is ready. Since Chief Gillespie will be doing the majority of the talking, and all the props are ready and functional, there won’t be an additional practice prior to the program. If anyone would like to go watch BF put on the program on at one of the schools in town before we put it on in the county schools they are welcome to do so.

LD Martin has volunteered to rope off the parking lot Friday night (Oct 10) before the Carnival. We’ll have a jumping house and are asking each department to bring their games as before and to supply candy for prizes. We do have fire prevention items that have been purchased for each department to give out also and those will be distributed that morning as everyone gets set up. We’ll also have a ‘fill the boot’ display set up and will also sell 50/50 drawing tickets. The carnival will be from noon to 3.

Also on Saturday, October 11th, David Redman has announced there will be a Farm Safety Training class at Purdue Farms. Please call the Lawrence County Extension Office at 275-4623 for complete details and to register. The class is $10 and includes lunch and training materials. This had to be scheduled around the main speaker and couldn’t be moved to another week. David apologizes for the conflict and hopes there will still be a good turnout for both the training session and the carnival.

Air Evac will has confirmed as long as weather permits and they aren’t transporting a patient, they will be at the carnival. Brandon Robertson will be in contact with Steve and Fire Base that day to make sure we’re ready as they approach.

Val said the new ERGs are in. Please contact her at the county complex and she’ll have them ready for pick up.

Safety vests are going to be a requirement as of November 24th of this year. Any responder on the scene of a 10-50 will be required to wear this vest. These are the Class 2 vests I sent a notice out about prior to the September meeting. An order has been placed through Hoosier Fire, but Steve says another order can be placed later if needed. Departments that didn’t get to order this time can still place an order. If several departments want to order together to get a discount they still can. Please contact Steve Nolan for more information.

The next meeting will be October 28th in Mitchell. Don’t forget elections will be held at the November meeting and the meeting schedule for 2009 will also be decided then.

There was decided to take $100 and purchase a few larger items for the November meeting raffle. Hopefully this will draw a few more people to the last meeting of the year and boost the number of tickets purchased.

This month we drew for a T-Shirt (won by Max Peters) and the 50/50 drawing was a total of $34 ($17/$17) won by LD Martin and he donated his winnings back to the County Wide. (Thanks LD!)

There will be a carnival in Springville October 3rd and 4th. There will be a tractor pull, singing, pancake breakfast…. Full details haven’t been sent, but activities start Friday afternoon and keep going for the weekend. Please watch the paper for exact times and events. Perry Township will be raising funds during this event.

Shawswick is having their Haunted Hayride October 17th & 18th and again the 24th & 25th.

Huron is having an all you can eat Bean Supper Saturday, October 4th from 4 pm to 8 pm (or until we’re out of beans!) $6 for adults, $3 for kids 4-10, children 3 and under are free. Price includes drink and dessert.

Pleasant Run is having their annual Fish Fry on October 18th.