Lawrence County Firefighters Association
Guthrie VFD
September 22, 2009

The meeting was started with the Pledge of Allegiance and a Moment of Silence.
The meeting minutes were sent out via e-mail prior to the meeting and were accepted as sent.

Financial report:
Savings: $312.62
Checking: $2927.33
Cash on Hand: $40.42
Total: $3280.37

We still have $400 coming in from the golf scramble, and this does not include checks received from departments donating toward purchasing fire prevention materials.

Bob Brown would like copies of any pictures taken at the golf scramble. He’d like to have them compiled to make a slideshow/video and possible offer it for sale as an additional fundraiser. If anyone has pictures please forward them to Carol or Bob. Bob has tentatively set up August 28, 2010 for the next golf scramble. We’ll start sending out sponsor and donation request letters sometime during late January or early February. Carol still needs to purchase envelopes and stamps to mail out thank you notes / tax receipts. Bob would also like to contact the paper and have a ‘thank you’ to our sponsors placed in the paper.

Fire Prevention:
Saturday, October 10th from noon to 3 pm. Please plan to bring a truck and a carnival game. Luke was working on getting a company to donate smoke alarm batteries, but hasn’t heard back from them. So he was working with the wholesaler from last year and thought he could get them for around .50 each if we purchased 500. A motion was made to purchase 500 batteries instead of waiting to see if we could get freebies. It was approved to spend up to $300 on the batteries. We’re planning on a dunking booth at the carnival. The Chiefs have volunteered (or been volunteered) to be dunked. If you are a Chief and know you won’t be able to make it you will need to send someone to be dunked in your place. Steve and LD will rope off our area at Tractor Supply the Friday night before the carnival. We will have fire prevention materials to hand out, but it would help if you could bring candy to hand out also. I think everyone knows at this point that Bedford Fire isn’t going to be able to put on their usual Fire Prevention program at the County Schools. It will be left to the VFDs this year to go to their local schools if they can. If you plan to put on a program you will need to contact your local school to make arrangements. Next year we’ll all be better prepared and will know how what we need to do earlier.

T-Shirt order
Invoices will be sent to each department. There are still several shirts to be delivered from Marketing Matters, but it shouldn’t be long before we have them.

New radio consoles are being installed at county dispatch. There are still bugs to be worked out, so be prepared for some radio tests and problems.

A motion was made to make a donation to TOPES. A donation of $200 was approved.

Bob would like to have another live burn at the training tower. Details will be forwarded when they become available. Pallets and hay will be needed for the burn, but there are some members who think they can get this donated. There will be an ambulance at the scene. Vitals are monitored throughout the training so the potentional for having an incident is limited. Two trucks are needed at the tower to be able to have a burn.

EMT class
Dunn will be putting on a class starting in November. We’ll get more details from Jim and Rodney Taylor when they’re ready to advertise the class.

First Responder
Is there anyone in the county interested in having a First Responder class? Jim would like to offer one, since the last one was canceled due to lack of interest. If anyone is interested please let me know and I’ll forward all information to Jim.

Luke was at the County Council meeting before he arrived at our meeting. This was a follow up meeting after the article in the Times Mail concerning the new tax and Luke’s suggestion at sending some of the new tax money to VFDs. It seems now the LOIT is being seen as being too quickly established without fully finding out how it can and can’t be distributed, legally. The money is just being shifted from being a property tax to being an income tax. But the money doesn’t shift to the county if taken from income. And the state still isn’t sure if it’s lawful to shift the money. They’re still working on it. If the county does see any of the money it won’t be until the 2011 budget is approved. At the August IVFA state meeting the LOIT tax was also talked about. The IVFA does have a lobbyist who will be working on this for us. The next district meeting might be held at Brown Co. Luke wasn’t sure yet.

50/50 drawing—
$35—LD Martin
(donated winnings back to the county, Thanks LD!)

Upcoming fundraisers:
October 2nd – 3rd—Springville Antique Tractor Pull
October 3rd—Huron VFD Bean Supper
October 16th-17th, 23rd-24th---Shawswick Haunted Hayride
October 17th—Pleasant Run Fish Fry
October 17th—Mitchell VFD Fish Fry
October 24th---Marshall Fall Carnival