Lawrence County Firefighters Association
County Wide meeting September 2010
Guthrie VFD

Savings: $404.50
Checking: $ 5775.39
Cash:$ 76.50
Total: $ 6256.39

Meeting opened with pledge of allegiance and
Minutes from last months meeting 1sted by Luke and 2nded by LD
Financial report: 1sted: Luke 2nded:JR. all in favor
Golf scramble :
Total expenses: $3317.76 total profit: $4543.74
Special thanks to vectren gas for $2,000 donation towards gold scramble

BRMC, DUNN, AIR Ambulances, and chiefs had meeting about protocol for helicopters.
It is suggested if a helicopter is needed the call goes to airevac, then they contact the nearest helicopter.
Dr.Frasier: wants criteria to follow to summon air ambulance. He suggests there be a form to fill out after calling a helicopter, stating your reasoning for calling.
Jim McFarlan says the IC should be the one calling for the bird.
State is coming out with trauma protocols for every service to use.
Dr. Frasier and Bob Atkins are hoping to have a draft together by the first of the year with protocols for all services to follow for helicopter activation.
We decided to use Lawrence county firebase to contact helicopters as a standard unless it is too congested, then chose another tactical channel on 800.

Sam Craig:
Tomorrow at 6 am, dispatch is going back to VHF. If they have no problems they will stay on it as their official radio. After a couple of months they will reevaluate and make their decision about which radio they will use.
He wants to know if we are comfortable with going ahead and using a system where FDs are allowed to call for helicopter through dispatch with out an official protocol in place. Dispatch will call air-evac and then air-evac will handle it from there. IC will be notified when their helicopter is en route and where it is coming from.
Dry weather is expected to continue until Christmas. Moisture levels are not expected to rise. Burn ban may not be lifted.

Fire Prevention:
October 9th. 12-3 pm @ IGA on 5th st. each department should have a truck there. We will have the smoke house. County wide will be selling hamburgers, hotdogs, chips and soda. We still have a $75 gift certificate for the IGA we can use to purchase supplies.
Luke brought up buying smoke detector batteries. 500 batteries will cost $200 at .40 cents each plus $25 S&H. LD motioned Jim 2nded. All in favor.

TOPES: County wide will donate $500.00 Motion made by: luke . 2nded by: Jim. All in favor.

Last month was the 1 yr anniversary of Jimmy Zeeks death. Luke suggests we make a donation to the fallen firefighters fund or towards Marion VFD in memory of his service. Steve suggests a plaque. Bob Brown suggests a limestone bench. LD got a plain bench w/ out carving donated. Dave Armstrong says he can do the carving. The bench will say "In memory of jimmy zeeks. LCFFA"
Architectural Stone donated the bench.

Steve Nolan thanks everyone for participating in the Poker Run.

Bob Brown: Everyone in Jackson County has gone either district or territorial. There is a company that will assist in going territorial or district. Carol will be sending out an email with the individual's information for us to look over. It will be each department's decision to go district or not. Each department would be an individual district.

Shawswick is still undecided if they will be able to do their haunted hay ride because of the burn ban.
If it does happen it will be the 16th and 17th and the 21st and 22nd. $5 per person.

Huron will have a bean supper next Saturday 4-8 pm.

Pleasant Run's annual fish fry Saturday October 16th 11 am- 5 pm. Auction starts at 6pm.

Perry will be having a tractor pull this Saturday. Entrance is free. There will be food for sale.

K-Marts safety day will be October 23rd & 24th 10-2/3 pm call Tamsen Pate @ 865-0387
Next meeting will be at Mitchell on October 25.