Lawrence County Firefighters Association
Mitchell VFD
October 27th, 2009

The meeting was started with the Pledge of Allegiance and a Moment of Silence.
The meeting minutes were sent out via e-mail prior to the meeting and were accepted as sent.

Financial report:
Savings: $312.62
Checking: $2424.50
Cash on Hand: $585.00
Total: $3322.12
(checks still outstanding)

Val-Radio Issues
Lawrence County has been selected to have the 800 MHz radios re-banded, will be going from 800 to 700. The vendor will arrangements to do this and will do it again in 2 years (2012) when things will go from VHS and switch to a narrow band. Older radios may not be able to do this. The cost is $35 per radio, or $65 an hour if set up for multiple units. Still not sure if dispatch will be able to tone us out using the 800 system. The 800 system is already overloaded around here. The State Police, INDOT and Conservation all use them full time. The state is reluctant at this point to issue any more 800 MHz systems.

Val-Radio Grant
The grant for more 800 mh radios was cut to about 30% of what was requested. Additional e-mails were sent out 11/13/09—According to Val each department has been awarded $14,382.50. Chief or Assistant Chief of each department has been requested to contact Val and let her know what equipment each department wants. 800 MHz only, remember extra mic’s, batteries, and remote mounts needed when making request. DO NOT OBOLIGATE ANY OF THESE FUNDS OR VAL CANNOT PAY THE BILL!!!! Chief/Assistant Chief needs to please contact Val before the 27th.

Also-Departments with 800 MHz radios that aren’t using them on a regular basis will need to turn the radio on and key the mic at least once a month. These radios are assigned an ID number that is traceable when used. If the ID isn’t used on a regular basis the ID is pulled for lack of use. The State is doing this to cut back on non-usage.. Val also said when radios are re-banded to move the mutual aid channel to the end of each zone. This makes it easier to use when going into other areas using 800 MHz. Another training session should be held after re-banding is complete.

Adam Flynn—District 8
There was a big turnout at the District 8 meeting held the week prior to the this meeting. Currently, Lawrence County is the most involved county in the district, but everyone is hoping other counties will start supporting as well. Adam is hoping to get the Training Council back so it isn’t just him. At the meeting, classes for 2010 were discussed as well as discussing classes for 2011-2012. Once a list is ready I’ll forward this out to the county. The state is pushing on-line registration. When you do sign up for a class please make sure to check and make sure you’ve already taken any required classes first. If you sign up, please show up or withdraw from the class. There are minimum numbers required and sometimes maximum accepted. If you don’t show up you could cause a class to be canceled or keep someone else from being able to attend. Hoping to have another Survival class in February. This requires minimum of 15, no more than 25. FF I&II required for this 2 day class. There is both classroom and hands on training. Must be clean shaven to do this. If you have a beard the mask won’t seal. Meetings are held the 3rd Tuesday of the month. The next meeting was to be November 17th at Ellettsville. (e-mail notices were sent out) Val is now going to be the fiscal agent for D8, so she’ll be the one handling payment and reimbursements. She thinks there may be money to put on a Technical Rescue class.

District Task Force
The state is pushing for this. They’d like basic Incident Command Teams as outlined in our ICS/NIMS training. Adam Flynn is Assistant Task Force Commander. Val will have forms that will need to be signed by employers or fire departments (this is to cover worker’s comp, etc)

Everyone Goes Home
Adam says there will be another Everyone Goes Home class offered over the winter. All are welcome and the classes will be held on Saturday or Sunday.
Live fire training at Bedford. Must have FF I & II to sign up and will limited to the fist 25 to sign up. Adam will e-mail details when available. You’ll need to bring your airpack and a spare bottle and 800 MHz radio if you have one, or can use one from your department. This will be open to the district.

At this meeting there was still no word from the Health Department about getting shots for First Responders. Val did contact me this week and say the Health Department has vaccines available and wanted to know how many responders still needed or wanted the shot. Please either contact the health department and go there for the vaccine or let either me or Val know how many people on your department will take the shot. They sounded like they were willing to have a clinic if there were enough vaccines and responders.

Sam Craig
Still trying to work the bugs out of the new console in dispatch. He did say he needs a list of what they should have in their scan list so they can monitor radio traffic.
Luke asked if the budget was going to cut back on clearing snow off the roads again this year. Sam said it was discussed a couple of weeks ago but gave no clear answer. Schools were concerned because they didn’t plan as many extra days into their calendars this year. Sam will let us know when he can if there are any changes. Arsons are still being investigated. As usual, please keep an eye out for anything out of the ordinary.

Luke would be attending a meeting in Indy in a couple of weeks. The next district meeting will possibly be held at Perry Clear Creek.

This new tax has gone into effect, but if you don’t work in Lawrence County your employer might not be taking this additional tax out of your earnings. You may want to contact your payroll department and make sure this is being done. Otherwise you’ll have to pay this in a lump sum at the end of the year when you file your state taxes. Still nothing in the 2010 budget to send any of these funds toward the VFDs. There is an IVFA lobbyist working on this.
The IVFA would like to know if anyone is having a problem getting there certs after taking a class and how long are responses from the state. They’re trying to see if this is just happening to certain departments or if this is happening to everyone. Make sure you send recertification papers in by certified mail just to make sure they’re received. There is a new on-line system, but we aren’t sure yet if it’s fully operational. The Board of Standards is trying to crack down on late submissions for certs. Some people are waiting until after they’ve expired to send in their paperwork. Please make sure to send in your recertification papers at least 30 days prior to your expiration date. You can, as a department, submit all your recertification papers in at one time and request they all have the same expiration date. Much easier to remember to submit an entire department at one time. And you can get on an e-mail list from the state (Buckman) that will send out notifications of all certs about to expire.

EMT Class
Dunn will be putting on an EMT class starting in December. We can come sit in to get in service time. The class will be $650, but they’re working on getting a FD discount if possible. Classes will be on Monday and Thursday nights, from 6-10.

First Responder
Is there any interest in having a First Responder class? I’ve only had one person respond to this saying 2 people from their department. Shawswick might put on a class themselves instead of going through Dunn. I’ll send out more information on both of these as I receive it.

Thank you to all departments who attended our Fire Prevention Carnival this year. Next year we’ll try to plan farther in advance and advertise. We were under the impression BRMC was going to advertise this for us since they had the health clinic that day, but it was just advertised as a health clinic, not our carnival. Next year we’ll try to get letters out to the schools and get in the paper and on the radio. We want to plan ahead for the number of batteries we buy so we can make sure there’s enough for all departments.

Next meeting will be November 24th at Williams. We’ll hold election of officers. If you’d like to run to be an officer please make sure you attend. We’ll also set up our meeting calendar for 2010.

Last year we voted to spend some money on drawing prizes for our November meeting. When asked what amount should be spent this year, several numbers were brought up. Richie Padgett made a motion to spend $500, Reggie Johnson seconded.