Lawrence County Firefighters Association
Lawrence County Firefighters Association
November 28, 2006

The meeting was opened with the Pledge of Allegiance and a Moment of Silence.

District 8 meeting will be held December 8th at the Dunn Education Building. Needs assessment survey needs to be completed and returned by 12/14.

Valerie provided NIMS information. All departments must be NIMS compliant before laptops, 800Mhz radios, and binoculars can be distributed. The state does plan to audit any equipment received from Valerie. (Except bullhorn & weather gauges previously received)

LEPC for November was held and covered possible plans in the event of an androxious ammonia spill. Valerie also mentioned the possibility of a full-scale exercise in February. This would be a 24-hour, multi-county incident.

A meeting was to be held Monday, December 4th to discuss the addition of special needs information to the 911 system so responders will know in advance of area residents that might require additional attention or assistance in the even of an emergency. This would include patients who are bed-ridden, on oxygen, or in wheel chairs. This has to be done in such a way that HIPPA laws arenít violated.

The mutual aid agreement was discussed and Jason Lewis advised that he felt the need for a third department to be toned to stand by on station in the event of a (possible) structure fire should be further discussed and clarified before signing. He also suggested the possibility of a third department be toned for RIT, but that RIT training would be needed before this would be considered. This will be further discussed at the next chiefs meeting. The chiefs meeting for December will be postponed until January. The countywide meeting for December will also be postponed until January.

Some prizes remain unclaimed after Fire Prevention activities in October. Attempts have been made to have these prizes picked up. It will be discussed at the January meeting what should be done with them.

Election of officers was held. Officers for 2007 will be:

President - Steve Nolan
Vice President - Danny Gillespie
Secretary/Treasurer - Carol Goodwin

Meetings now being held the 3rd Tuesday of each month, but moving the meeting to another day will be discussed at the next meeting.