Lawrence County Firefighters Association
Lawrence County Firefighters Association
November 27, 2007
Williams Community Building

Meeting was opened with the Pledge of Allegiance and a Moment of Silence. The minutes of the October meeting were sent out prior to the November meeting and were accepted as sent. No financial report was available.

Chad Mills, Conservation Officer with the DNR, talked about water safety and getting flooded roads closed so people canít try to drive through high water. He reminded us all to use the Reach-Throw-Row-Go method of rescue. Keep people out of the water if at all possible. You donít want to loose any rescuers in the water. He advises carrying life jackets or throw bags in the trucks to throw to victims. Chad is willing to come to individual departments for basic training in water safety/rescue. He can be reached through the Sheriffís Department.

He then moved on to talking about ATV accidents. These accidents are treated as crime scenes. Donít move the ATV/4-Wheeler, even if the patient has been moved or removed from the scene. The DNR needs to do a reconstruction of the scene. They also need to run the ID numbers from the ATV to make sure they arenít stolen. The Sheriffís department can cover the ATV incident but DNR is usually called in. Do NOT hold the patient, just the vehicle. In addition to ATV accidents they are to be called for hunting accidents also. They are also investigated as crime scenes by the DNR.

Matt Parker of the Parker Insurance Group of Bedford was also present at the November meeting to distribute information packets about department insurance needs. He has a list of departments and chiefs and will probably be in contact. He would like to go over department policies and would like to work out quotes for each. Packets were distributed to each department represented at the meeting. If your department did not receive a packet let me know and Iíll get one to you.

Sam Craig - Sam knows the FD and Ambulance is usually on scene before a 47 unit arrives. He asks if the call looks like it might become a fatality and there are people still at scene or at the house let a 47 unit know so they can go interview those people. In some cases they may need to go straight to the hospital to try to interview the victim. If anything seems out of place or just seems odd to please let them know. He has talked to hospital dispatch about this also.

Tony Lynch requests dispatch please supply the name and address for medical runs, especially those being dispatched for Martin County. (The name of the residence, not the name of the caller) and to please specify which county they are being sent to. Martin County calls Lawrence County and the runs are dispatched from there. The problem is usually when the call goes from Martin County to the hospital instead of straight to the Sheriffís Dispatch. Sam will post a notice at Dispatch to try to get the names with the addresses with these runs.

The LEPC had a tabletop exercise 11/29. Val says the next full-scale exercise will probably head south.

Bob Brown brought cards from IVFA for insurance updates. This coverage has been automatically raised from $1000 to $2000. This is at no cost to the Firefighter. **One of these cards were placed inside the folders from Parker Group, so each department that took a folder has a card** Return completed cards to Bob at the January meeting. If you need more cards please let me know and Iíll see if Bob can bring more or if we can put you in touch with someone who can.

Bob also said that District 8 training money is here according to the state. The money is going to be used for 2 trailers and props for training. A training coordinator is to be chosen in December. At this time the council is hoping for Haz-Mat Awareness and Operations training, complete with the purchase of Level-A suites for training, sometime before February. To view training schedules go to and look at the Fire Training side.

District 8 Council would like to see more people at the meetings. Although they canít vote the council would like to hear opinions. And these opinions will be taken into consideration when it comes time to vote. The next meeting was set to be at Sweetwater in Brown County. They will try to set up the meeting schedule for 2008. Iíll try to get this schedule from Bob and add it to other meeting information for those interested in attending.

Danny Gillespie would like to put in a FEMA grant for USAR (Urban Search And Rescue) equipment. This would cover most of the areas of technical rescue, equipment and training. He would like for this to be used for the entire county, but needs to find a department who doesnít plan to put in for a grant this year. Contact Danny for more details on this.

Election of officers was held. Officers for 2008 will be:

President - Steve Nolan
Vice President - Bob Brown
Secretary/Treasurer - Carol Goodwin

The next County Wide meeting will be at Pleasant Run January 22nd at 7pm. There will be a Chiefs Meeting just prior to this meeting at 6:15. I'd like to update all of the departmental contact information. Please forward information to me if available or bring it to the next meeting. Thanks!