Lawrence County Firefighters Association
Williams VFD
November 24, 2009

The meeting was started with the Pledge of Allegiance and a Moment of Silence.
The meeting minutes were sent out via e-mail prior to the meeting and were accepted as sent.

Financial report:
Savings: $317.86
Checking: $1584.95
Cash on Hand: $50.00
Total: $1952.81

Paid out for Christmas door prizes:
Our Designs $162.53
Galls $116.59
Wal Mart $200.00
Fees (for cards) $13.83

Postage $17.60

LD & Luke made a motion to accept the minutes as submitted.
Steve & LD made a motion to accept financial report as submitted.

Bob Brown-
800 mhz radio meeting was to be held at 2 pm on 12/2/09 at the Bedford Fire Station meeting room. This was to address re-banding the radios for 700 mhz. Each department needs to be there or make arrangements to be there. This is the meeting where the county will decide how the radios will be set up.

District 8-
District 8 Training Coordinator is now Mike Cornman of Ellettsville.
Shawswick & District 8 is going to try Firefighter I / II training via webcast. You view the lectures on line when you have time so work schedules won’t affect attendance. Every six or so classes would then meet to do practicals. This allows people who don’t have flexible schedules to attend classes and get certifications. Will forward more information when available.

District 8-Firefighter Survival class
There were some communication problems when setting up the last class. This class must have a minimum of 15 people attending to be conducted. The class is limited to no more than 25. Please sign up if you intend to take the class, but if you sign up plan to attend. If less than 15 people show up the class will be canceled. Must be FF I/II and clean shaven (no beard). The Fire Tower is already reserved for practicals February 13th and 20th.

Radio Grant-
Motorola was having a special on a radio ‘bundle’ at the time this meeting was held. Bob was talking to Owens Communications (Motorola contact) about extending this until February. We can’t order anything yet, but we can get quotes. (Quotes were due by the 27th of Nov) Every district in Indiana got this grant, so it wasn’t just Lawrence County. EF Johnsons are also acceptable with this grant. Don’t forget to add in extras or accessories, they are also counted in.

H1N1 vaccines were still only available for EMS. Lists of those wanting the vaccine were forwarded to Val. (The County Health nurse decided there weren’t enough responders wanting the vaccine to justify a clinic just for VFD’s. An e-mail was sent out instructing those wanting the shot to attend clinics scheduled in December)

District 17B—Luke
The last meeting was held at Perry-Clear Creek. Legislation starts January 1st and the government is still looking to do away with township government. There would be a Fire Trustee instead of individual township trustees. This would become an appointed position instead of an elected position as it is now. Please go to the IVFA site at : for updates and possible actions on our part.
The IVFA is also working to outlaw novelty lighters.
Structures built using newer light weight materials become unsafe for entry during a structure fire. Currently there are requests that these structures be marked so FDs know these are light weight.
Working to make sprinklers required for all new home construction.
If you’d like to make a suggestion or would like to see something changes, talk to Luke and he can take this to the IVFA lobbyist to see what can be done.
The next IVFA meeting is to be at Franklin Township VFD in Freedom. (Owen County) Luke would like to see each department represented at the meetings to help keep everyone up to date.
If you’d like to be a delegate to the IVFA convention in June, information will be in the IVFA paper when it comes out. This year the convention will be in Terre Haute. Luke also encourages us to look for Miss Flame candidates in our district for this year.
Updates are needed to the mutual aid agreement so a new one can be signed for 2010. Without this agreement issues can come up concerning insurance liabilities, for one. Perry Clear Creek had a wreck on their way to assist Van Buren and the first thing their insurance company asked was if there was a mutual aid agreement between these departments.

EMT class was to start at Dunn on December 7th. This has been postponed until March. More details concerning dates will be forwarded as I receive it.

The meeting schedule for 2010---
January 25th-Pleasant Run
February 22nd-Marion
March 22nd-Marshall
April 26th-Indian Creek
May 24th-Huron
June 28th-Shawswick
July 26th-Williams
August 23rd-Perry
September 27th-Guthrie
October 25th-Mitchell
November 22nd-Oolitic
As usual, there will be no December meeting.

Decision was made to move the meetings from the 4th Tuesday to the 4th Monday of each month. This is so those who either want to or have to attend the county council meetings have that opportunity.

It was approved to reorder checks for the County Wide account, apply for a debit card, and to rent a post office box (at the Bedford Post Office).

Elections were held and there are no changes to the officers.
Steve Nolan-President
Bob Brown-Vice President
Carol Goodwin-Secretary/Treasurer.

Please remember to bring a copy of your 2010 roster to the next meeting. I also need line officers and their contact information for each department.

18 door prizes were given out at this meeting, as well as the 50/50 drawing. If you won a prize that wasn’t available at the November meeting please make sure to come to the January meeting, I have them all now.

Next meeting –MONDAY January 25th at Pleasant Run