County Wide Meeting
Nov 22, 2010
Oolitic VFD

The meeting was opened with the Pledge of Allegiance, followed by a Moment of Silence.
Minutes were accepted as submitted.

Financial Report:
Savings= $404.71
Total of $4979.54
$100 check from BRMC (deposited after the meeting) Total = $5079.54
Outstanding checks = 725.01
$194.00 in cash + $6 from checking was used to by $200 worth of gift cards as door prizes for the meeting.
Financial report was accepted as presented.

The burn ban had been lifted and Sam Craig reports people have been really good about calling in before they burn.

Carla McCain - Dunn/St. V/Rural Metro
O2 tanks have been ordered for each department and should be delivered in apx 2 weeks from this meeting date. 60+ tanks were ordered so each department should get what they requested. Carla will call everyone when they come in. As far as she knows the VFD protocols won't be changing, but the ambulance protocols will. We will need to get with the medical director to find out what changes will be made and how that will affect us. Ambulances will no longer be carrying Epi Pens and possibly activated charcoal. The ER Doctor can still OK VFD usage of these, but the ambulance will no longer be able to restock them for us if we use them.

Dr. Frazier is done with the helicopter protocols and Bob Atkins will forward those to the County Wide for review. Ken Fahr will be offering an EMT-B course at BRMC at the first of the year. The class will be held on Tuesday and Thursday nights. Please see attached flier concerning class.

Bob A also expressed his appreciation for all the help received from the VFDs, Carla agreed. Bob Brown also thanked Bob and Carla for their help with the county wide and each department.

Jim McFarlan is concerned about VFDs being put on the back burner and nobody keeping us informed as to what is going on. He'd like to see a single set of protocols approved by both medical directors (Dr. Frasier and Dr. Spiller?) that would cover all departments in the county so we could all work under the same set of rules. Bob A says if the County can work together to one we could all agree on they would likely sign off on them. Jim would also like to see a County Wide Association create one set of protocols and have one person take them to the medical directors. (one unified voice will carry more weight with getting them signed off by both docs) There will be a Chiefs Meeting to discuss this prior to the regular business meeting in January. All Chiefs and the Medical Officer/EMS Coordinator from each department should attend. Please bring a copy of your department's approved protocols so we can make sure we know who is currently operating off which hospital. Bob A and Carla will forward electronic copies of the current protocols to each department prior to this meeting. (6 pm, Monday January 24th at Marshall Township)

A Mandatory class is currently being held at Shawswick and will be over in early January. There will be a Firefighter I/II class soon to follow. This class will be presented as a webinar. This has been explained in previous e-mails. Classes can be attended via the internet. Each session is timed so you can't just turn it on/turn it off and think you're being counted as being in class. There are interactive questions that will need to be answered at set intervals during the session. Students will then get together periodically for hands on training about every 6 classes. This allows everyone the chance to attend the classes without missing work. Please watch the District 8 training site for more information and registration.

Bob will ask Val to please send out the rules for Training Tower use to each department. There must be an ambulance on stand-by during use and the ambulance service might ask for payment for this service. Rural Metro says they can't pull a truck for the day without being paid; BRMC says something might be able to be worked out prior to tower use. We aren't sure yet if the district will pay for the truck for the day, more details will need to be worked out prior to use.

If anyone is interested in the District 8 Taskforce there will be a meeting an IVFA meeting on January 12th at 7 pm (meal to be served at 6:30) at Bloomington Township. Jerry Kincaid is over the taskforce and will be able to explain. This can be done as an individual or as a department. There is already an EMS taskforce, Jerry will explain the Fire taskforce.

Bob Brown is requesting e-mail addresses for everyone in the county so he can forward information concerning IVFA 17B and District 8 Training when necessary. Please forward updated roster information for 2011 with contact information as soon as possible.

James Howell (Oolitic) brought fundraiser information from Schwan's and handed it out. He said this fundraiser has no overhead. You take up the order, set up a date, and they bring the truck. Any sales done directly off the truck that day will also count to the fundraiser. He suggested this for a county wide fundraiser. We can get more information from him if we decide to do this.

Steve Nolan
Steve has talked with Darren Bridges and there is a new program - Fire Wise Program - that we must comply with for grants. He will present information on this to the County Wide at the March meeting and the information can be taken back to each department from there. Each department needs to make sure they have a representative present to get this information.

Updated response agreement/protocols
Sam Craig requested the current protocol concerning situations that possibly involve the manufacture of drugs or terrorism be revised to remove Code Red/Blue and go to plain language. He also requested this be merged with the current response agreement. I have done this. The only changes made were to removed Code Red/Blue and renumber the sections of the protocol to go along with the numbered sections of the response agreement. No actual content to the document was changed. Some Chiefs who were present signed the revised document at this meeting. It will be need to be finalized at the January meeting. (Revised file is attached)

A motion was made and passed to donate $500 to the LIFE Food Pantry (Check written at the meeting and will be dropped off by Steve Nolan). Another donation for $500 will be made after the first of the year to the Indiana Burn Camp. (donations are generally requested in May) Jason Lewis also suggested next year we work toward having a coat drive before school starts.

Salvation Army
The Salvation Army in Lawrence County has a new Captain. Jack V has been contacted and told the canteen wagon is available for our use by TOPES/County Wide if needed.

Jim McFarlan wanted to thank everyone that helped with the trestle fire and the Paoli Fire Chief passed along thanks to all who sent tankers and assistance with the fire at the square.

Officers 2011
Nominated and Elected--
Steve Nolan-President
Bob Brown-Vice President

Carol Goodwin declined nomination for 2011 due to work commitments. Jamie Sorrels of Shawswick has agreed to take over as Secretary/Treasurer for this year.

2011 County Wide Meeting Schedule:
January 24th - Marshall
February 28th - Perry
March 28th - Pleasant Run
April 25th - Shawswick
May 23rd - Indian Creek
June 27th - Oolitic
July 25th - Huron
August 22nd - Guthrie
September 26th - Williams
October 24th - Mitchell
November 28th - Marion

If your department cannot host the meeting on the scheduled date please let me know and we'll try to swap things around to accommodate.

Door Prizes
This year we gave out 8-$25 gift cards (Bass Pro, Sears, Bob Evans, and Applebees) as holiday door prizes.
Winners included-
Carol Goodwin
Steve Nolan
Jason Lewis
Standley Wright
Troy Johnson
Luke Kluender
And 2 people who I failed to look up in time to see who it was to write down their names. (Sorry!)

The next meeting will be at Marshall on January 24th. There will be a Chief/Medical Officer meeting at 6pm, prior to the regular business meeting.