Lawrence County Firefighter's Assoctiation County-Wide Meeting
Shawswick VFD

Meeting called to order.

Pledge of Allegiance led by Max Peters.

Prayer led by Jack Voigtschild.

Minutes of last meeting read and approved.
Financial report read and approved.

Sheriff Sam Craig, Lawrence County Sheriff Department
- Asked if any departments were having any trouble with mutual aid times still. Bob Brown advised he was still having problems with the day-shift dispatchers. Sam advised that he would look into the issue.

Valerie Lucharer, Lawrence County Emergency Management Agency
- Advised that there are some new fire training classes coming up. They can be found at

Carla McCain, Rural Metro Ambulance Service
- Said that she would like to give training to the fire departments for patients with LVADs (left-ventricular assist devices) as we now have one in the county.

Jack Voigtschild, Salvation Army
- Two departments (Shawswick and Pleasant Run) participated in the food drive.

Steve Nolan, LCFFA Chairman
- Would like to see the Association's bylaws be updated. The current set were put in place in 1995. He would like to see a bylaw commitee setup. Steve asked Levi Keith to chair the commitee. Jack Voigtschild and Jeff Long volunteered to be on the commitee as well.

Meeting schedule was set for the 2013 year:

- January 28, Marion
- February 25, Williams
- March 25, Pleasant Run
- April 22, Huron
- May 27, Perry
- June 24, Shawswick
- July 22, Indian Creek
- August 26, Mitchell
- September 23, Guthrie
- October 28, Oolitic
- November 25, Marshall
- December, No meeting unless needed

Election of Officers:
- L.D. Martin made a motion to keep Steve Nolan as Chairman and Bob Brown as Vice-Chairman. Jason Lewis seconded. Max Peters made a motion to close nominations. Jack Voigtschild seconded. Steve Nolan will remain Chairman and Bob Brown will remain Vice-Chairman for the 2013 year.
- Steve Nolan nomiated Levi Keith to Secretary/Treasurer. Josh Davis seconded. Max Peters made a motion to close nominations. Jack Voigtschild seconded. Levi Keith will be the Secretary/Treasurer for the 2013 year.

The next meeting is January 28 at Marion Township.

The next IVFA District 17B meeting will be December 12 at Indian Creek in Lawrence County.

Josh Davis, Indian Creek
- Indian Creek will be having an open house celebrating their 40th anniversary on December 15, from 1 PM to 4PM.

50/50 Drawing,
- $88 total collected - $44 winner Jack Voigtschild - $44 to association

Door prizes were drawn for:
- Chairs: Carla, L.D., Luke, Danny, Levi, Terry, Scott, Standley, Mark, and Max
Gift Certificates to Responders, Inc.: Kyle, Robin, Sam, Josh, David, Darren, Jim, Jeff, JD, and Josh.

Bob Brown, LCFFA Vice-Chairman
- Asked if we would like to do the golf scramble again next year. A commitee was created, with Bob being the Chairman. Steve Nolan volunteered to be on the commitee. Two more commitee members will be added at the January Meeting.

Meeting Adjourned.